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  • I've always loved this area.

    Some twenty years ago, before Printers Row became gentrified it was like a walk back in time due to the buildings and the bookstores and the general, unhurried atmosphere of a corner of the city where few people wandered into anymore.

    It still has a charm.

    Nice article.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thanks Richard! Yes, gentrification definitely changes things, but I am grateful that it still has charm:)

  • PHOTO:
    Children playing "Ring around a Rosie" in Chicago in 1941

    CREDIT: Rosskam, Edwin, photographer. "Children Playing "Ring around a Rosie" in One of the Better Neighborhoods of the Black Belt, Chicago, Illinois." April 1941. America from the Great Depression to World War II: Photographs from the FSA and OWI, ca. 1935-1945, Library of Congress.

  • There is indeed nothing like savoring a tasty treat with good friends/people. It is the savoring of both the treat and the company of those you love that bolsters The Good Life and makes it all worth it.

  • Oh no! I totally laugh at my own jokes. Oh, what Fitzgerald must think of me.

  • I know right! Oh, what he must think of me for sure.

  • Nope its not it used to be about children the windows of state street that's a thing of the past but when commerce wedded christianity (which happened long ago) at least it was a little more quieter. As far as the safety issue is concerned people are more in your face than ever false bravado brought about by media manipulation makes fools of us all we just need to keep our radar up and our faith strong. Happy Holidays (that is politically correct isnt it?)

  • In reply to Craig Jackson:

    Agreed Craig! There are layers underneath everything and we must decide what to take and what to leave behind.

  • I agree completely on not your three reasons and I do think racism has become more overt since Obama was elected by those who didn't vote for him.
    It's an odd combination of not racist and racist. He was elected by a majority of voters, not racist. Those who oppose him have gone nuts opposing his every move, racist.
    And the internet trolls are worse than ever.
    Nice post!

  • Thanks Kathy! Yes, those interesting combinations make for an interesting society. Thanks for your comment.

  • Negativity is such a draining emotion. I wish that more people would take your advice and relax. Life is too short to waste so much energy on something so unproductive.

  • Ah Garretts.......I remember it on Madison across the street from the McVickers theater the fudge the PRICES.

  • fb_avatar

    I concur! I've always understood that hatred destroys the hater. Although I know this may never happen, at least we won't live to see it; I would love to see our society operated as a resource-based economy opposed to a monetary-based one. Money, along with the specious ideology of selling scarcity to the people leads to all the problems you've mentioned. Google Venus Project - if you haven't already.

  • Three fashion mistakes women make
    1- what other women will think
    2- what their mother will think
    3- what their lover will think

  • Great article for new business owners in chicago. I keep saying, I wish there was a one stop location for all the resource for small business owners.

  • Suicide prevention week should be suicide prevention year, there so much of this kind of death. We need to continue with this kind of prevention

  • Great idea!

  • From one CN Blogger to another an amazing post. I called out a friend on it a few weeks ago. He said his gay boss was pushing the agenda by making them get and use pink pens. There has always been a lot more.

  • Thanks Alan! That means so much. Yes, it is important for our friends and family to call us on our stuff. We all hold certain beliefs and ideas that are unhealthy.

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