Family Dinner: Chicago's Best Pizza

Family Dinner: Chicago's Best Pizza

When I visited my home town of Chicago recently for a family reunion, I wanted to gather my family together for a special experience. I felt nostalgic for a familiar food that I crave while living on the west coast.  Home Run Inn is a family-owned business—one with deep roots in the city of Chicago.

In 1923, the original Home Run Inn location opened as a small tavern on Chicago’s South Side. Founded by Mary and Vincent Grittani, the tavern received its’ name one fateful day when a baseball from the neighborhood park smashed through one of the tavern’s windows, a home run for some young slugger on the sandlot. In 1947, after that baseball made history, Mary and her son-in-law, Nick Perrino, crafted the iconic Chicago pizza recipe known today.

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If I've learned nothing else from my growing family, it's to put family first. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to gather with my family during this time. We seized great opportunity to enjoy some delicious pizza. It was perfect because we got to sit down together for a family meal.

Our family not only enjoyed the experience, but they also enjoyed the idea of getting together for a family dinner. It’s not often that families sit down and enjoy dinner together. There was no screen time, just awesome conversation and laughs.

It was a great experience and I'm so grateful that my family joined us for a great time. Putting family first has allowed me to have no regrets, whether it's working on my book project, doing a freelance gig, or spending time with my husband. I never regret it and it always allows me to win.


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