Kat Tat Honors Nipsey Hussle With Tattoos Inspired by His Legacy

Kat Tat Honors Nipsey Hussle With Tattoos Inspired by His Legacy

L.A.-based tattoo artist Katrina Jackson, aka Kat Tat, honored  Nipsey Hussle, the slain West Coast rapper, by offering tattoos inspired by him on Saturday, April 6. All the tattoos offered were for $60 each and the money goes to one of his favorite charities. Kat, best known for her role on Black Ink Chicago, owns her own shop, called Enigma TattoosThe available designs included a Nipsey Hussle portrait, the black-and-white Victory Lap flag, and his slogan “The Marathon Continues.”

Originally from Chicago, she has been in L.A. since 2016. As the buzz of tattoo guns filled the Beverly Hills space and the line of waiting fans stayed steady outside and inside, Kat discussed why she wanted to do tattooing tributes to the well loved hip-hop star. She also was transparent about his impact on her, the art world and L.A. in general. 

Nipsey means motivation, inspiration and just love. The energy in this shop today is so impactful. For me to have never met him and to have felt — you know when you really, really feel something? I remember when I first moved here, my cousin took me to his businesses. There’s people out here really doing stuff. This is his dispensary, he’s got tons of businesses! It’s inspiring. I thought, “I have a talent, maybe I should open up a business!" He definitely inspired part of this. He’s a huge inspiration to everyone.

Enigma Tattoo, 8760 W. Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills. (424) 522-3808,enigmatattoobevhills.com.

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