The Coolest 5th Birthday Party

The Coolest 5th Birthday Party

When I was growing up, my fifth birthday was my most memorable birthday. We had my party at Showbiz Pizza. I still remember the pink ruffle dress that I wore. My parents made me feel so special that day, and I remember clearly a picture of me sitting near my dad, and we were both so happy. When it was time for me to choose how I would celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday, I wanted to replicate the same experience. However, since the same place no longer exists, I gave her a party at Build-a-Bear.

There are three reasons why I love Build-a-Bear as a great birthday party place:

  1. Everyone Gets a Bear. Depending on which package you select, there are certain other awesome things that can come with your bear, but everyone definitely gets a bear.
  2. The Experience. The Build-a-Bear birthday party was amazing because the staff gave the children a great experience. The interaction and participation was excellent, and each child felt involved in the process.
  3. The Opportunity to Learn. During my daughter’s party, I appreciated that the children had an opportunity to learn how to listen to step by step instructions.

All Parties Include:

  • A Party Leader (5 guests or more)
  • A special Heart Ceremony
  • Name tag stickers
  • Bear ear party hats
  • Photo props for taking memorable party photos

Birthday Parties Include:

  • Party games and fun activities
  • Free invitations and thank you notes (printable online)
  • A plush, light-up cupcake keepsake for the Birthday Guest of Honor!

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