Filled: Book Review

Filled: Book Review

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a crucial part of the Christian faith. When I originally came across Filled: Rediscovering Holy Spirit Baptism, I was compelled by the idea of biblical scriptures included into the content of the book. Today’s society is more God neutral than ever. It was refreshing to encounter a book that connects with my core spiritual beliefs. Many Christians are afraid to speak about God in order not to offend other people from different faiths, but author and former pastor K. Sheldon Bailey's main objective is to inspire  and ignite a passion for Biblical understanding and perspective.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience K. Sheldon Bailey Filled has the main objective to answer a number of questions:

  • Isn’t every Christian baptized with the Holy Spirit?
  • Is there a relationship between tongues and being filled in the Spirit?
  • Can I have Salvation without being filled with the Spirit?

My own spiritual path included baptism. It was June of 2002, and I was taken to a room immediately following the alter call. This also was after I was baptized in a water baptism, which Bailey talks about in his book. It was one of the most important days of my life. After reading Filled: Rediscovering Holy Spirit Baptism, I understand the importance of the different baptisms, and I now examine the scriptures in a fresher light. There are three important takeaways that I received from the book.

  1. Baptism is an important part of the Christian experience. Though the idea of baptism as an important part of the Christian experience seems obvious, Bailey gives readers a lesson on why. Accompanied by scriptural evidence, Bailey explains how the three baptisms; the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Water Baptism, and Holy Spirit baptism.
  2. The benefits of the three baptisms is another important takeaway from the book. One of the major benefits according to Filled, is the help and the blessings that come with the gifts of baptisms. In Romans 8 verse 27 says that the Holy Spirit “makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. This is an important message for a couple of reasons. First, the Spirit’s intercession for us is automatically automatically according to the will of God because He and the Father share the same mind. (Filled: Rediscovering Holy Spirit Baptism, 97)
  3. Another benefit is the gift of the Holy Spirit being your main prayer partner. I have personally had several prayer partners over the last couple decades, but no prayer partner has equated to the Holy Spirit. There is something special that happens when people are taken out of the equation, and you are able to hear directly from God.

To learn more about this amazing book, click here.

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