Why I Went to a Hotel After Giving Birth

Why I Went to a Hotel After Giving Birth

Before giving birth to my four year old daughter, I did not understand the importance of self care. After my daughter was born I dealt with postpartum anxiety. It was then that I learned the importance of practicing self care and wellness after giving birth. Though I had a fairly good pregnancy, I knew that I needed a couple days of additional rest. With a busy husband and three girls at home ages 18, 4, and 2, there is constant movement and not a lot of time to rest. I was not prepared for how amazing my stay at the Marriott would be, and I am grateful that I made the choice to check into a hotel suite.

As if I needed further confirmation that I was doing the right thing, I encountered a group of women who validated my decision. They were a group of beautiful flight attendants who were  also checking into the Marriott Hotel in Torrance. Their bright blue uniforms added to the already fresh energy of the lobby. While waiting in line, one of the women asked about my baby. Once I told her that I'd recently left the hospital after giving birth she whispered to the other flight attendants. Before I knew it, word had spread, and besides affirming smiles, they began to cheering and  applauding my decision. It reminded me of the importance of community and love. After my stay, I realized three takeaways from my postpartum time.

Marriott Torrance, CA

More Rest

There is a reason why some women hate leaving the hospital after giving birth. Though you miss your other children and the comforts of your own home, it is important to still take more time and get rest. Between the nurses visits, and the business of giving birth, you will rarely get much sleep in the hospital. Nowadays, moms are with their babies all the time, and the bassinet sits next to you during your entire hospital stay.  

As a new mom, it is so important to practice self care. We often find ourselves inundated with a new reality and responsibilities as soon as we arrive home from the hospital. The amenities at the Marriott Suite were perfect for practicing self care. I ordered room service, lounged in the comfortable living room and dining room area, and watched TED videos. Marriott has a partnership with TED, which allowed me to watch some of the latest inspiring TED talks. This was a great bonus because I just completed my first TEDx talk in June. My stay was a dream come true. From check in to check out their customer service was top notch. I even received the cutest spa pouch from the housekeeping team.

Mental Health

As a new mom of four, I needed to wrap my brain around the idea of having four girls, 1 part time babysitter, and a busy husband. Though my mother came for a month to support with the transition, it was still a challenging time. I was honesty afraid to go home. Going to a hotel was great for my mental health and helped me prevent anxiety. 

Time With My Baby

For the first time, I hired a postpartum Doula to care for me after giving birth. She came to my hotel suite and was amazing to work with.  As a mom herself, Brandy Sellerz is the Founder of Not So Private Parts, a doula service that helps moms both during and after birth. She is also the co-founder of Moms In Color, a group and safe space for women of color to connect around motherhood. Through her thoughtful inquiry and support, I was able to process my new reality and gain helpful tips that would be important for my transition home.


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