How to Write a Book in Three Months

How to Write a Book in Three Months

It was over a decade ago when I first started compiling stories and handwriting my memoir. However, it took a decade to gather my thoughts and mentally decide to finally finish and publish my book. Why did it take so long? It is hard as a writer to operate in a vacuum. Having a community of writers, a coach, and accountability are important aspects of the writing process.

Most writers struggle with implementing the timeline, outline and schedule necessary for completing their book. According to author  Jyssica Schwartz, 81 percent of people say they want to write a book. In her bestselling book Write.Get Paid. Repeat., she discusses important steps for making money from your writing.

What if you could write a bestselling book in three months? Where would you start? In advance of November’s Write a Novel in a Month, Jyssica Schwartz is offering an amazing course that will create proven results for your next book project. As a best-selling author, editor, ghostwriter, and book coach Schwartz has helped dozens of authors realize their dream of writing a book.

In How to Write a Book in 3 Months Schwartz provides video content, handouts, a private community, and live weekly calls going over every piece of the writing process. The course content covers topics such as refining your concept and goals for your book, how to create a cohesive outline, and breaks down the process of writing and word count. It also helps you craft perspective and tone, implement the editing process,  and helps to decide between self-publishing and traditional publishing. More importantly, it tells you what comes after your manuscript is written and how to make money from your book.

As Schwartz says, “Everyone is an expert in something. It’s time to bring your expertise to the masses and use your book to grow your business, build your brand, and gain authority or just be a published author. Writing a book can be easier than you think.”

Creating a plan and taking course geared towards concrete results are two key actions for success. Schwartz is also offering a discount to the entire class of the first run of this course. Connect with her at:




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