Idyllwild Arts Pioneering Summer Program’s August 5th Concert at Walt Disney Hall

Idyllwild Arts Pioneering Summer Program’s August 5th Concert at Walt Disney Hall

Positively Impacting Youth Through the Transformative Power of Music

As a mother and former early childhood teacher, I witness daily how arts education plays a very important role in children’s lives. One aspect--music education has shown beneficial effects on early childhood development. According to research, the impact of musical interventions has indicated positive effects on a variety of skills--motor, language, social, cognitive--and on academic abilities. So I encourage my children to listen to two genres of music daily, including jazz during naptime, and classical music at bedtime. I also like to take my kids to community music events.

One of the most important arts events for showcasing music education in Southern California involves Idyllwild Arts Foundation, which presents the culmination performance of the Idyllwild Arts High School Summer Chamber Festival Orchestra and Festival Choir on August 5, 2018 at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The repertoire will include Overture to Colas Breugnon by Dmitry Kabalevsky, Der Rosenkavalier Suite by Richard Strauss, and The Journey of Harriet Tubman by Ron Kean, which over 150 students will perform under the masterful batons of Maestros Larry Livingston, Dr. Joseph Modica, and Assistant Conductor Sey Ahn. This true youth-only orchestra and choir’s concert will showcase some of the most talented high school students from around the world, ranging from 13 to 18 years old, playing legendary classical and contemporary pieces. The students are thrilled by the chance to perform on a world-class stage, and determined to honor this rare chance.

“Today, on this grand stage, we will glimpse the future of classical music,” says Pamela Jordan, President of Idyllwild Arts. “But more importantly, this performance will fuel the dreams of these talented young musicians and give them the confidence to ignite their careers.”

The Idyllwild Arts High School Chamberfest and Festival Choir are intensive two-week summer programs led by world-renowned artists and teachers, designed to offer outstanding musicians the opportunity to refine the skills needed for excellence in performance, from solo and small groups to large ensemble performances. For over 70 years, this summer program has been held at Idyllwild Arts Academy, located outside Los Angeles on a beautiful campus 205-acre campus set in the San Jacinto mountains. Here, talented teenagers from around the world specialize in their chosen arts disciplines while studying challenging college-prep academics.

The nearly two-hour performance will take place at 3pm at Walt Disney Concert Hall (111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles) with a pre-concert VIP reception beginning at 1:30pm in the Founders Room. Tickets can be purchased by the public for $20 or $40:

This summer performance would not be impossible without the contributions of students who have received scholarships. Idyllwild Arts therefore invites guests to support Idyllwild Arts Foundation’s annual commitment to providing $7 million in scholarships for students to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy and the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program.



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