The L.O.L. Surprise! Takeover is Headed to Your City

It all started with videos. My toddler is obsessed with the Toy unboxing internet phenomenon of L.O.L. Surprise!, which provided the ultimate unboxing experience and garners more than 200 million views across digital platforms. L.O.L. Surprise! has topped sales charts since its debut in fall of 2016. On Friday September 29th, there will be a major L.O.L. Surprise! event in Hollywood, California. Join Sandra and Spidey from Disney Car Toys as they unbox the LOL Surprise Big Surprise live.

The dolls were inspired by the YouTube unboxing sensation, which is where kids are turning to discover their favorite new toys and trends. Each ball has 7 layers of surprise that you unwrap one layer at a time, with the doll at the very center.

The product design is super innovative and never done before— 7 layers of surprise including: a hint about what doll you will get, collector stickers, baby bottle, shoes, accessory, outfit, and your doll in the middle. And finally, a water feature surprise!As a parent with a background in education, I supervise my daughter’s unboxing video screen time. However, her vocabulary has been greatly influenced, and she has learned sequencing from the steps that come with unboxing. She has also learned lots of interacting and pretend play skills from this particular toy. Two of the Youtube influencers who will be at the event include DCToys Sandaroo Kids and CookieSwirlC.

LOL Surprise! Big Surprise

LOL Surprise! Big Surprise

“We are excited that L.O.L. Surprise! has maintained its reign as the #1 collectible doll in the country and is a hit in international markets,” said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment. “Our goal is to continue to innovate, surprising fans with new features and L.O.L. Surprise! experiences.”

The success of the L.O.L. Surprise! launch is in part due to the unboxers that inspired them in the first place! The dolls have been a hit on YouTube with over 44 million views on videos made by 6 of the top toy influencers introducing the unboxing experience of L.O.L. Surprise! to children across the world. This doesn’t include the countless additional videos and views by additional fans of the product.

Special L.O.L. Surprise! events will be held in Los Angeles, Calif.; New York, NY; Toronto, Ontario; and London, England. The complete list of unboxing video booth locations includes:

  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Bloomington, MN
  • Boston, MA
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Dallas, TX
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Schaumburg, IL
  • Seattle, WA
  • Toronto, Ontario

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