Suicide Prevention Week: Practicing Inner Fitness is a Key Component for Good Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Week: Practicing Inner Fitness is a Key Component for Good Mental Health

Inner fitness #3Best known for her role on NBC’s hit series, Parenthood, Tina Lifford is not only an actress, but she is also an advocate for mental health and wellness. She founded The Inner Fitness Project to codify principles of Inner Fitness in an effort to make the pursuit of Inner Fitness as common and well-understood as physical fitness. From her study of spirituality, psychology, personal development, and her good ole life experience, Tina has distilled her research into The 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellness. They support building mental, emotional and spiritual strength, and inner flexibility – the inner fitness needed to effectively navigate the hurts, traumas, upsets and disappointments that come with life. Tina’s mission: Bringing Inner Fitness to Life. What better time to discuss the impact of inner fitness than suicide prevention week? Most recently, Tina Lifford, an Evanston native, shared several practical pieces of advice about suicide prevention.

How prevalent is suicide?

A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there are more than 800,000 suicides a year. An astute friend suggested that this number would actually be higher if it included the deaths categorized as “accidental” that were actually intended suicides.

What do you suggest is one way that we as a society can practice wellness and prevent suicide?

In order to impact the suicide rate in the world, we must equip ourselves with tools for navigating our personal crises. We must make inner fitness as significant as physical fitness. Just as physical fitness has gained a level of popularity, the same enthusiasm must be created for inner health. Doctors, scientists, and researchers must continue to provide us with new information related to prevention and wellness. The aim of the  Inner Fitness Project is to help inner fitness trainers turn this information into sound exercises and strategies for inner health.

What is something that we can practice now in order to create a wellness movement, since today is the end of suicide prevention week?

Since today is the last day of suicide prevention week, say the following phrase whether you understand it or believe it: "There is more to you than the hurts, challenges and pain you have experienced.”  Tweet it and post this statement on your Facebook page by using the hashtag #innerfitness. Let the idea seep into your mind and heart.  Of course, encouragement is not the full answer, but its value cannot be underestimated. It might just make a difference, TODAY.


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  • Suicide prevention week should be suicide prevention year, there so much of this kind of death. We need to continue with this kind of prevention

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