The Top Three Fashion Mistakes that Women Make

The Top Three Fashion Mistakes that Women Make
U*Styled CEO

I met Catherine Cassidy while at a recent event in Los Angeles. Catherine is the CEO of U*styled, a styling service and boutique box. Once I learned that she spent a season in Chicago, I felt an instant connection. I confessed to her my lack of styling ability as well as my favorite thing to wear: a polo shirt. She later informed me of three fashion mistakes that women make:

 1 - Wearing a Uniform
I think it’s great to have a go-to look that makes it easy for you to get out the door. As a busy, professional woman, you need that. However, this becomes a problem when you find yourself stuck in a rut and uninspired by your options. Then, it makes it that much harder to get out the door. Not to mention, when you’re not feeling great in your clothes, you’re not operating at your highest level.

Think about when you’re wearing your favorite heels, dress, jacket, jeans, etc.? How do you feel? Like you can take on the world! Any challenge work would throw at you, you know you can overcome easily.
It’s not that you feel bad when you’re wearing something else or your routine uniform, but you don’t feel awesome and powerful and ready for anything.

2 - Too big
The number one fit mistake I correct with women is wearing clothes that are too big. Anywhere from 1-3 sizes! But even just the difference between 1 size can make a huge difference. You think you’re supposed to wear your clothes loosely, but really you want them to fit. This means there is no pulling (too small) or bunching (too big).

With clothes that are too big, you’re only hiding your beautiful self AND you’re making yourself look bigger than you actually are.

A quick tip to help you find clothes that fit: Make sure you can see your waist/shape. When your waist gets lost (no matter how clearly defined your waist is or isn’t), it’s definitely too big.

3 - Quick Fix
When you have to get out the door and on with your day and you’re juggling being a mom with a career, chances are you’re buying clothes for the sake of not being naked and not for anything else. You’re choices tend to be on sale and you find you have a lot of black jackets but none of them are amazing and fit you perfectly (aka that you love).

You don’t need to have a big wardrobe to have a great wardrobe. You need to have pieces that you love that you can mix and match (so it’s only you who knows how often you wear a piece!). You need to have clothes that fit you well, highlight your best features and showcase your personality. Your style + presence is an outward expression of your inner self. Let your light shine!

I know this sounds so simple but it’s not, which is why women make these mistakes. This is why Catherine started her business. She wants you to show up as your most confident and radiant self. She helps her clients to know what works best for their body type, as well as the pieces they need to balance out their wardrobe so they can maximize it as well as what to look for and where to shop (though, many of her clients LOVE her Boutique Box service).

If you want a jump start to know how you can build a wardrobe you love, you can sign up for her free email series that breaks it down for you at She wants to help you step into your power, using your style as a catalyst. She calls it Style Power. :)

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Coco Chanel

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  • Three fashion mistakes women make
    1- what other women will think
    2- what their mother will think
    3- what their lover will think

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    In reply to Craig Jackson:

    Touche, Craig! I actually quite agree with you ... I want women dressing for themselves within the context of what is appropriate for the situation. For example, I have a client who is just fancy ... she has an elegance that you can't hide ... so dressing casually doesn't quite feel right for her, so how can we dress casual yet fancy so it's appropriate and still feels good? These nuances are what we always address with our clients ... how do you do YOU? That is always the most appealing! :)

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