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As an educator, I have developed a deep appreciation for children’s books. Months before the birth of my newborn daughter, I received I Want You to Know: The Wonder of God by Kirk Jackson as a gift.  I was impressed by the author's ability to address a broad range of a child's social and emotional developmental needs. With the hope of evoking compassion and understanding, Kirk created his children's book series I Want You to Know to address topics that are important for children to understand as they grow. It is quite possibly one of my favorite children’s books because it satisfies the three components on my checklist for an ideal children’s book:

Engaging: The combination of rich content and realistic illustrations make for an engaging read.

Inclusive: The pictures of children from diverse backgrounds and with different abilities allow a range of young readers to connect to the story.

Enriching: The subject matter provides a platform for both children and adults to engage in healthy dialogue about spirituality and beliefs.

Visit the Facebook page to learn more about the I Want You to Know series. I Want You to Know the Wonder of God is available on Amazon.

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.”
― C.S. Lewis

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