"Lost and Turned Out" A Guide To Disaster Preparedness for Underserved Communities

"Lost and Turned Out" A Guide To Disaster Preparedness for Underserved Communities

Before Hurricane Katrina, the United States was plagued by the inevitability of disasters. On Sept. 11th, 1722, the first recorded hurricane struck New Orleans. The storm was very severe and all the buildings in the new city were destroyed. The winds were so strong that several large vessels from the Mississippi River were blown onto shore. In 2005, following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there was a difficult reality present in New Orleans:  underserved communities were extremely unprepared for disasters. Until Hurricane Katrina, these difficulties that plagued the communities of color, especially in the southern states had gone mostly unnoticed.  Lost and Turned Out is a useful resource for individuals both inside and outside of underserved communities.

Besides serving as an wonderful father and friend, the author of Lost and Turned Out, Vincent B. Davis has an impressive bio which solidifies his emergency management experience. Besides working for FEMA, Mr. Davis has also served as National Director of Operations for the Save-A-Life Foundation, managing first aid and CPR training programs for K-12 school children. In 2007, he was appointed Manager of Regional Preparedness for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, where he established initiatives designed to strengthen the chapter's preparedness capabilities. While at the Red Cross, Mr. Davis researched and developed a ground-breaking Regional Emergency Preparedness Report for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) Go To 2040 Project. In 2011, he led design and delivery of FEMA's Regional Catastrophic Incident Coordination Plan, which included catastrophic disaster plans for 16 counties in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Lost and Turned Out is a must have book because it outlines the difficulties that are present in many underserved communities around emergency management preparedness. Not only does it serve as a platform for a much needed conversation, but it also offers real and timely advice on what to do in the event of a disaster. You can purchase the book on Amazon.com or by clicking the link below:

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