Redhead Bullying

Redhead Bullying

Last night, feeling pretty fresh about yesterday's National Love Your Red Hair Day blog post, I am minding my own fucking business, taking the Ashland bus down to meet some friends to play Whirlyball, and I hear some dude making random comments. I don't understand what he was saying, and I have a feeling he's talking to me.

So I turn and look at him to see what the hell he was trying to say. First mistake. He's looking straight at me. I turn back around and face forward.

"Hey, why do you have so much red hair?" he says in the creepiest fucking voice I've ever heard. He stares at me without blinking.

I see the people around me turn to look at him. They're not used to hearing this kind of shit.

Do not engage, I repeat to myself. Do not engage.

I face forward, praying he doesn't follow me off the bus.

Or worse yet, try to sit next to me. I contemplate moving from the window seat to the aisle seat I left empty next to me, but that would place me closer to the potential ginger phile.

Why can't I ride a fucking bus without being harassed, for my hair, or otherwise? I was doing so good yesterday. But unfortunately, National Love Your Red Hair Day turned into National Despise Your Red Hair Day for me.

Sometimes I really regret the harassment and and comments not having blonde or brown hair incites. And unfortunately, the bullying didn't stop at youth. As much as we would all like to think it did.

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    Workplace Bullying

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    I was bullied all my life for having red hair. I was 22 years (age 5 to 22) of hating my hair color. At 22, I started to like it. The thing is beside being a redhead, I'm also transgendered. I'm not 52 years old, and I'm happy. I have been on hormone therapy to change my body for what it should have been at birth. I was operated last May (2016). Oh, and one more thing. I have owned a lot of wigs because of my male pattered baldness (I take a medication to make my grow), but the first wig that I bought was a red one.

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    I got bullied for my hair a bit. called Opie or Ronald Mcdonald. There was a rumor that was started about me in the 2nd grade that followed me until I moved after my sophomore year year of high school. It drove me to attempt suicide. So taunts about my hair just seem annoying now.

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