Who's your redheaded celebrity look alike?

Who's your redheaded celebrity look alike?
Jessica Chastain

Remember Celebrity Doppelgänger Day on Facebook a couple of years ago? Everyone posted pictures of the celebrities they looked the most like as their Facebook profiles, and their e-friends either called them out for being narcissistic or obliviously commented on how great they looked.

Me? All I could think to do was post a picture of Wilma Flinstone.

Or maybe, perhaps, a Renaissance painting. But then I was afraid I'd be judged for narcissism.

Despite my inability to think of a celebrity doppelgänger, I've been told I look like plenty of famous gingers over the years. Marcia Cross, Cynthia Nixon, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks.

Obviously, all of these actresses look completely alike. So clearly it's possible for me to look like all of them. Or perhaps, more accurately, people are ginger blind and equate all redheads to looking like all other redheads.

However, one of the comparisons I've been getting more frequently recently, is of course, one of the actresses who had a difficult time getting jobs because she was too "ugly" (by Hollywood standards, of course) when she was younger: Jessica Chastain.

On the one hand, my immediate reaction is to be slightly offended that of all the celebrity redheads people choose to compare me to, they choose the one who had trouble getting parts due to her looks. On the other hand, to be compared to a Hollywood celebrity at all is flattering.

And I have to say, as much as celebrity gossip is probably total bullshit, from what I've read about Jessica Chastain, I can really relate to her on an emotional and spiritual level.

And, I'm happy to finally have a celebrity doppelgänger...as if that gives me any validation in my life. Alternatively, if another Celebrity Doppelgänger Day every rolls around, I can always post a picture of Botticelli's painting of his girlfriend, whom my Drawing & Painting teacher at Lillistreet said I looked like. And so started calling me "Botticelli".

Do you have a redheaded celebrity doppelgänger? If not, that probably means you need to fill the gap & become a celebrity yourself!


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  • At least they didn't say Conan O'Brien. But they also didn't say Jessica Rabbit.

  • In reply to jack:

    True :D Also true :(

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