Disney Redheads Multiplying

Disney Redheads Multiplying
More than 1 redheaded Disney Princess doll in a package of 7!

If you've been reading this blog, you know that a vital issue in gingerism is our depiction in the media. Most movies and TV shows feature a blonde or brunette as the leading female, with the exception of certain films that require fierce character development (ie Jessica Chastain in "Zero Dark Thirty"). Media often portrays redheads as villians or just plain bat-shit crazy (See: Avoxes in "The Hunger Games", the "bad" vampires in "Twilight", Isla Fisher in "Wedding Crashers", "Bad Teachers", Helen in "Jane Eyre", Judas in most depictions of "The Last Supper". The list goes on...)

Yet, I am quite impressed to see more redheads appearing as mainstream characters. For example, Anna in "Frozen" takes on a leading female redheaded role that doesn't exactly stereotype redheads. In fact, if the movie weren't about ice, it might make more sense for the strong-willed blonde sister with powers to fit as the cultural archetype of a redhead.

Frozen characters

Blonde & redheaded sisters in Disney's "Frozen"

In fact, more redheads exist in Disney movies than I ever initially realized. One of the most popular Ginger Philes blog posts depicts all of them. Unfortunately, I always thought Ariel was my only hope at a princess who I could emulate. Sadly though, she is a daywalker and not a ginger. I mean what was Disney thinking when then made her tan with dark hair? I'm pretty sure Hans Chrisitian Anderson had more of a blonde faerie esque character in mind.

Either way, the point of this post is to mention that while I was wandering around Target the other day on a lunch break, I stumbled upon a box of 7 Disney princess dolls and was shocked to see that two of them were redheads (Ariel & Merida from "Brave"). That's more than a quarter of them! And there is only one more blonde than there are redheads. BUT THERE ARE MORE REDHEADS THAN BRUNETTES. This is an epic win for introducing redheads into the mainstream! Afterall, what's a fairy tale without a redhead?

As a side note, I just noticed in the picture above that they dressed ginger Anna in pink. They still have a lot to learn about depicting us accurately but one thing at a time right?

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    At this point, I think I may be the only redhead who loves wearing pink/seeing redheaded characters in pink. I was really annoyed by the "redhead in green" trope growing up, and in most shows targeted towards little girls, pink is the colour for the leader. So it makes me smile, at least.

  • Ah that's so interesting! To be fair, I have recently discovered that MY color, is not, as I once thought it was purple, royal blue or even green, but rather blush! I get the most compliments when I wear that shade of pink.

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