Craiglist Creepers: Redheaded Muse Edition

Craiglist Creepers: Redheaded Muse Edition

Every once in a while, I like to troll Craigslist to see if I can pick up any odd gigs just for being a redhead. It sounds stupid, and it probably is. But once in a while I'll see an ad for redheaded extras or free ice cream for redheads or other preferential (and much deserved, obviously) treatment.

But recently, I saw something I've never seen before: an ad for a "redheaded muse". The poster was a photographer, with a link to his website. He seemed pretty legit. So I contacted him just to see what this was all about. I mean, who doesn't want to be thought of as a "muse"? Maybe my hair would even be good for something other than looking like a fire is burning.

But a man posting on Craigslist looking for a redheaded woman is rarely legit. In fact, a man at all looking for a redheaded woman is rarely legit.

Here's what the artist responded to my inquiry (after confirming that I was female):

Ok here,

"If you are reading this on a small, hand-held device while on the go,
please make sure you take enough enough time to read carefully through
all of the details. Thanks."

My name is [name removed]. I am an artist looking for an outgoing young
woman who understands boundaries and is comfortable enough in her own
body to be a Luxury Companion for myself and a muse for my future
artwork. My correspondences will be email and text messages because I
have difficulty speaking on the phone. Those messages may seem very
different from this one because I had help from a past girlfriend
(current friend) with writing this proposal to express my intentions
in an accurate way. I do have social phobia and I am trying to find
ways to connect and socialize in ways that I am comfortable with.

To explain even more, a Luxury Companion is an escort industry term
meaning we would see one another for short periods off and on. For me
this would mean meeting on an intimate friendship basis without Sexual
Intercourse. Ideally, the arrangement would make you genuinely curious
like a typical dating couple situation. Though there is no Sexual
Intercourse, there would be intimacy: hand holding, cuddling, nudity,
and gentle bodily exploration. I am a hands on kind of person, but
that is as far as it goes!

The young woman I am seeking must have compassion and understanding
(not pity) and be an initiator, or rather be able to make the first
move- it could be an action as simple as taking a hold of my hand. I
am open to doing many fun outdoor and indoor activities. I like
hiking, walking, music, movies, dinners, and relaxing. Being my
companion would also involve inclusion in my artwork (usually
photography), if I feel we have developed a connection over time.

Payment for Luxury Companion intimate time, $20 per hour. Though
unpaid, all costs of expenses incurred will be covered during general
hang out time (food, entertainment, admission fees, transportation). I
will conduct a thorough interview by email prior to first meeting. I
appreciate questions or acknowledgement of interest or of

Thank you for reading,

[Name Removed]

So he wants an escort/muse, not just a muse. After I initially didn't respond, he asked if I had thought about it, and I gave him a "thanks, but no thanks" email back.Too bad all the ginger phile artists want sexy time (but not sex? Does that sound odd or is it just to make sure he doesn't get arrested?) and don't see our true capacity for inspiring art. I do feel really bad for him though: I know how hard it can be to be shy but I am not sure that I know exactly what it feels like to have a social phobia. Too bad it seems he's going about addressing in maybe not the healthiest way.

What do you think of his MO?



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  • 1. I doubt that he wants nudity and no sex.

    2. He is interested in red hair, but not red head. Sort of like that the Wendy's spokesmodel would not qualify (nor would Zach Zaidman, if he were a woman, as previously discussed).

    3. One can't trust anything on craigslist.

  • 1. True dat.
    2. I think you switched "redhead" and "red hair". Being a "redhead" is a way of being, and having "red hair" is literally having red hair, IMHO. Is that what you meant by your comment? I love that you referenced that post about Zach Zaidman from ages ago.
    3. Except for my casting calls for my future boyfriend. Must be willing to pose nude.

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    2. I was going more on "do the drapes match the carpet?" Or as Carla Tortelli (rightfully) called Diane Chambers "Princess Dye Job." I'm not going further than that.

    *Which reminds me that Shelley Long used to do commercials for John M. Smythe Homemakers (furniture). That continued a bit into when she was doing Cheers. I asked my mother if it was a new commercial, to which her response was "she didn't used to be a blonde," which was true.

  • 2. That's hilarious! I'm totally stealing that nickname.

    Does that mean she used to be a redhead...?

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