Hit on Someone Your Own Size

Hit on Someone Your Own Size
I didn't know redheaded couples could be so cute.

What happens when you mix a ginger gal (me) with an S&M-esque studded Madonna bra (worn outside of a shirt)? A lot of genuine male interest, apparently. And I don't think it's because of any BDSM fantasies, unless they are hiding it well.

Anyway, I, for once, had legitimate, soberish conversations with two males at a party who I am pretty sure were interested in more than making out with me for one night (ie actual dating-wtf!). That's quite a triumph for me.

But I digress. I'm pretty sure said males were both skinnier than me, and one was probably even shorter than me.

And one was rocking the red Jew fro, just like me. And everyone wanted us to get together, as per usual. People tend to promote the ginger cause.

But I must be the redheaded reincarnation of Hitler, because I have a repulsion to my own kind. (Hitler's grandmother was Jewish, in case you didn't know.) In the dim light, I thought, "Ok, this guy ain't half bad. He's got a nice smile." (Smiles, I'm realizing, are my weakness.)

Then I saw him later, under bright florescent lights, and the thought of us together made me queasy when I realized just how bright his hair was.

WTF is wrong with me? I know you silly commenters think I'm horrid for have preferences of what I'm attracted to, and that's OK. I want to like said males, as they are attractive in their own light, but not my usual type/what I tend to be attracted to. And I am really not sure why I had such an averse reaction to a fiery head.

Then again, what I've been attracted to has not always worked so well in my favor, so maybe I should just go with who other people tell me to date, and keep in mind that successful couples tend to look alike, as creepy as that is.

What do you think, blog readers? I just wish men who weigh less than me and are shorter than me would hit on someone their own size. And I ain't that big or tall.



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    Hey, you are attracted who you are attracted to, no biggie. It's just like all black men are attracted to white redheaded women. As long as their butts are at least 2 ax handles wide.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    HA! Just so you are aware, this is going to turn into a blog post.

  • When I first saw my husband I thought, "He's cute. It's too bad he's so short." Then I got to know him and completely got over the fact that he's shorter than I am.

    We all have our asserted preferences, but when it comes to a great relationship physical dimensions are the least important thing. Try to learn something about these guys beyond size and hair color before outright rejecting them. You may be surprised by someone truly wonderful.

  • In reply to Kim Z Dale:

    True, true, good for you!

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