I'm Going Blonde & It's Terrifying

I'm Going Blonde & It's Terrifying
Jessica Rabbit

And not on purpose. As part of the redheaded aging process, we go blonde first, then white. It's our version of going grey.

And at 25, I'm starting to go blonde. I've always had a few blonde streaks (which at least one stylist thought was chemical highlights), but I've recently had more than one person tell me my hair looks lighter and blonder. They told me how great it looks without realizing how much they have terrified me.

You see, I've been inspecting my face more closely lately and noticing more fine line wrinkles. The crow's feet appear when I smile (oddly more prominent on one eye than the other), and I have a wrinkle above my lip. When people ask me how old I am, and I say, "Guess," they guess somewhere between 25 and 35. I've always looked younger than I am so this development is quite shocking. I'd been hoping I'd get my mother's -- who once got carded at age 45 when my dad, who was the same age, was not -- young looks. But it seems it won't be so.

And I found out, on How to Be a Redhead, that redheads actually age faster than others due to our lack of melanin. Our light skin and hair makes us more susceptible to wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of aging. This is tough for me to hear! I always knew this would happen eventually but didn't think about how I'd feel when it happened -- or that it would happen so soon!

It's crazy but I'm wondering if I'm past my prime. Aren't I supposed to not feel this way until I'm 40?

If only I hadn't drank so much and ate so much junk food and worried so much and stayed out in the sun so much, then maybe I'd be moe baby-faced. I guess I have to start using the anti-aging cream now and doing everything I can to treat my body like a temple and stay stress free.

Of course, I'm sure a lot of the sudden signs of aging have to do with this being one of the most trying and stressful years of my life. It's a bad year for the year of the rabbit. Especially if you're a redheaded rabbit, I guess.


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  • As a fellow redhead, I totally empathize with you. Except I skipped the whole blond phase and went straight to grey, starting at 17 and only getting worse at 41. Sure, to look at me, most people peg me around 33. That's because I followed the important rule of NO SUN (and I joke about all the Irish whiskey as a preservative, haha!) The only thing that gives me away are those damn greys. meh. We should get together and have a hair dying party while sobbing into our glasses of wine!

  • I can barely see your picture but you look a lot younger than you say you are, and your hair looks great!

    I wish I had stayed out of the sun more! I spent too many summers (and winters) getting 2nd degree burns, even with sunblock on!

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