Ginger Pro-Phile: Adam Lambert

Ginger Pro-Phile: Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert as a ginger

HOLY SHIT! My friend N. just BLEW MY MIND.


How did I not spot one of my own?

I did feel something eerily familiar when I looked into his hauntingly blue eyes on the TV screen, and I did wonder how someone with his eyes had jet black hair. I was jealous. That's is what I always wanted. It's also what I thought I found attractive in men until I realized that my father fits that hair/eye color combo. Now I'm obsessed with brown-eyed men. I really get where Lady Gaga is coming from in her "Brown Eyes" song...

Anyway, wow, just wow. Even as a ginger though, Adam's hair looks dyed. But I bet he wouldn't have won American Idol if he had been redheaded during auditions. Sad day. I think we should start a petition for a redhead to win American Idol. OR, EVEN BETTER, LET'S START A PETITION TO GET ADAM TO GO BACK TO HIS NATURAL ROOTS AND BE A ROLE MODEL FOR GINGER KIDS!!! WHO'S WITH ME!?

Did you know Glambert was a ginge? Which hair color do you think he looks better with?


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  • Adam Lambert, I don't care.

    But two things on the ginger beat:

    Ming Tsai says that actual ginger is red only if dyed with beet juice.

    Craig Ferguson is obsessed (in connection with Prince Harry) with a "sea shanty 'Ginger Down Below.'"

  • In reply to jack:

    Haha, wtf. I see he sings a catchy song about it. This is a catastrophe for us gingers who've been ridiculed as firecrotches all our lives.

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    Hi! That IS dyed hair. Adam is a natural ginger Here are adorable pics from childhood

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    That is dyed, here are pics from childhood that show him as a ginger

  • In reply to Linda Ladden:

    Ah, he's so adorable!

  • It looks fake because it is. There are plenty of pictures of Adam as a real redhead out there, but this isn't one of them. This is a photoshop. here's the video of him performing from that picture. Black hair, sorry to say. He dyed his hair from strawberry blond to jet black when he was in his early 20's.

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    Adam always looks gorgeous regardless of his hair color of the moment but the pic used above is photoshopped. Here is the original pic:

    Some pics of Adam's TRUE ginger coloring: and

    Check out Adam's comments about being a ginger at the 3:05 mark in this hilarious Canadian interview:

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    "But I bet he wouldn't have won American Idol if he had been redheaded during auditions"

    Well, he didn't win AI, but he did come in second, just like fellow redhead Clay Aiken did in season two. Oh, and the reason neither won wasn't due to their flaming hair, it was due to their flaming gayness.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Oh, you're right. My mistake! Well he became more famous than whoever won ... I think. When Clay was on AI, was his hair really that red? I seem to remember it being more dishwater blonde-ish. Then he seemed to get redder later. But I don't know for sure/am too lazy to do research on it.

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