Redhead Roundup - Yeehaw! And a rant about redheaded cowgirl stereotypes

Redhead Roundup - Yeehaw! And a rant about redheaded cowgirl stereotypes

It's about time again for yet another redhead roundup.

Did you know someone once told me they thought I looked like a country music girl? And that a girl who lived in a dorm dressed up as a cowgirl and all the men drooled over how great her hair looked under a cowboy hat? I'm not sure I understand why redhead=cowgirl. I always think it means alt for those of us who can't get away with a "Hills" type of look but can't do the black haired, Betty Page-bang look either. What do you think?

Onto the roundup:

1. Apparently redheads are most honest than other hair types. This slightly surprises me, considering our supposed fiestiness and cunning, but then again, I guess we just tell it like it is.

2. This dude apparently used ballpoint pens to recreate a photograph of a redhead, and it looks really good.

3. Marcia Cross apparently wants publicity for showing off her nude underwear while at the beach. What's confusing me is what looks like a wedding party, with the bride's dress in the agua. If I ever get married, I wanted to be standing in water like that. It will be different and ethereal and flowy and ... who the hell's going to marry me now!?

4. A festival in Ireland celebrated redheads. I'm pretty peeved they didn't invite me to cover it. Or pay my way. Redheaded Day in The Netherlands still has the opportunity to do so ...

5. Apparently, Olympians made red hair sexy. Clearly, the author of the article has never met me.



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  • #1. In that Laura Prepon on That 70s Show was first a redhead and then a blonde (and I thought looked hotter as a redhead), but actually was neither, I won't go along with the honest point.

    Other things from that post:

    I'll go along with Janis Ann, but I need to see her eyebrows for confirmation that she isn't like Laura or about 80% of the purported redheads.

    Given all the beige Texas females on FoxChicagoNews, I'm not so sure about the genetics point made there. It was claimed that blondes would eventually vanish for the reason I just mentioned.

    #2-Silva is good.

  • Yeah, How to be a Redhead supports fake redheads as equally as real ones. Unlike me, I shun all wannabes because it ain't never gonna happen.

    But agreed, Prepon looked much better as a redhead, just like every other redhead who dyed their hair blonde (Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman, etc.) but I didn't know she was a fake, sadly. My redar isn't working so well these days.

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    Like I said, in the absence of the Marcia Cross incident, you have to look at the eyebrows. I couldn't figure out why a redhead would bleach that, anyway.

    Speaking of bleach, I can't figure out all the older women with flaming orange hair either. I guess the red dye didn't work as intended.

    On the other hand, Silva's picture reminds me of the girl in the American Family Insurance commercial, who definitely is a redhead.

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