Craiglist Creepers Redheaded Version

Craiglist Creepers Redheaded Version

Here's another roundup of the creeptastic things people write about redheads in the Craiglist personals section.

1. If you're a busty MILF redhead dissatisfied with your sex life but not your love life, email this guy.

2. Props to this guy for writing an ironic ad...but more so than that, for listing being a redhead as a desired trait, only after blonde:

Am I asking for too much?

"Ideally looking for a fit, short blond (or redhead) who has a very skinny waist, large mammary glands, a curvy gluteus maximus and hips that don't lie.. Ages 18-40. Must look good in skirts, skinny jeans, and black dresses. No larger than a size 7 please. Please be a good dancer too.

Now that I got the easy stuff out of the way I will now demand the impossible. Must be intelligent, witty, charming, sweet, caring, nurturing, optimistic (cheerleader like), and have a good sense of humor (obviously.)

Must be shy, timid in the bedroom and have a low self esteem BUT still have some sort of moral standards."

3. This guy is looking for "NSA" fun with an attractive redhead because he finds redheads "natural redheads absolutely beautiful!" Props to him for seeing our beauty, yet I doubt he'd be able to tell a natural from unnatural. Nor does he realize how many of us can see through his "fetish". At least he's honest about what he wants.

4. This cross-dressing redhead makes a good selling point about what dating him would be like:

"This about it a guy who takes charge in the bedroom and yet is ok with going shopping with you. A guy who you can get your nails done with, but still likes auto racing! Its like a boyfriend and a best girlfriend all in one. 

5. And lastly, this dude made the mistake of putting a picture of a DYED ginger in his post about really wanting a ginger.



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  • Several other things indicated in the ads:

    Since you note "the natural vs dyed" issue, I'm fairly sure the first one is not going to find a natural Latino redhead.

    The last one, who said "1.) Into Doctor Who, Top Gear, 30 Rock, Community, and The Big Bang Theory
    2.) Over 6 feet tall and weighing less than 165 lbs" isn't going to get anybody. Sort of like the guys in The Big Bang Theory.

    Getting back to the "natural" point, also translated as "does the carpet match the drapes" I guess we are real lucky that Sheriff Tom Dart got the booty pictures banned from craigslist.

  • Oh man, you're right! I missed those...though I do love me some "Community". :)

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