Finally, a real redheaded princess

Finally, a real redheaded princess
Ariel looking high as a kite at Disney World, 2009

Fuck Ariel. When I saw her at Disney World on my post-college graduation roadtrip, we could tell she was cracked out. Of course, me being the ginge, I was forced to get a personal picture with her (while the blonde and redhead I roadtripped with snapped pics with sweet and sober Cinderella and Belle, respectively.) At least Ariel was playing up to redhead stereotypes.

Not only that but Disney seems to have screwed up because Ariel is an effin' DAYWALKER. Seriously, what kind of auburn-haired mermaid could possibly have tanned skin and blue eyes. That's creepy, yo. Cuz it ain't right. Just like you can't dye your hair red and have it look any kind of real (unless you're Christina Hendricks, props to her hair stylist), you can't animate these melanin-lacking tendrils.

That's why I'm happy to see this new Pixar animation with Princess Merida in the film Brave, coming out June 22. While I'm annoyed by her last name being MacDonald and the stereotype that all redheads are Irish/all Irish are redheads, she's a real fucking redhead so I can't complain too much. Her hair is FRIZZY and unkempt and her eyebrows are RED and her eyes are green and her skin is pale with pink undertones. She looks like we're a part of the same SPECIES. And if I learned anything from childhood, it's that to be normal, I need a DAMNED DISNEY PRINCESS to LOOK UP TO! To pretend I am her when we play "Disney princesses" and all fall in love and get married.

Maybe that's why my brunette and blonde friends are getting married now, and I'm not. Cause they had Disney princesses to look up to, and all I had was a cracked out Ariel. I liked the Hans Christian Anderson version better. It was darker, moodier, more ginger-like, despite Ariel being a blonde.

At least I already know that fairy tales don't come true.


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  • Hey! Even us daywalkers are still redheads. I might not have freckles and maybe I'm not pale, but I still am a redhead. I still was made fun of growing up, there was no "exception clause" bestowed on me to the insults I got (and still comments even in a facetious manner are made to date as an adult) So go easy on Ariel--well if you could tell she was fake with dyed hair or a wig then F-ck her.
    Just because Halle Berry isn't as black as Dotcom from the show 30 Rock, doesn't mean she is somehow less African-American. It's hard enough being looked as different from the rest of society, let alone fellow gingers, so lighten up on your "day-walker" brothers and sisters.

  • Wait, let me get this straight. So you're saying...daywalkers are people too? But redheaded mutants have to lack melanin, so how can you possibly spend time in the sun without getting burnt? Scientifically, it doesn't make sense. Therefore, you must be an aliem...

    No pale skin? No freckles? You were ONLY made fun of for being a redhead? Sounds like an easier life to me.

  • Your syntax (spelling aside) was a bit confusing so I'm not exactly sure what your point is--no I don't have freckles but I am whiter than most white people and will burn quite easily, with blue/green eyes-- I just don't have that extremely pale tone that is so characteristic and defining of many gingers.
    I didn't mean to somehow imply my life was easier than yours, or other full-blown gingers, and I certainly didn't intent for my comment to be nasty. I was aiming more towards tongue-in-cheek.
    Anywho, here's to coming around to the idea that you will accept us daywalkers into the "group." :D

  • I don't understand you. You couldn't look up to a Disney princess like your other friends could? Because last time I checked, most people look up to others who they have more in common with than just hair color. I have natural red hair, blue eyes, and freckles, and used to be marble white. Now I'm tanner, but I'm no "daywalker". Way to add labels. And don't go ragging on redmoon about her life being easier, because even though she didn't get bullied like you probably did, doesn't mean her life was easier. So maybe you're ashamed to be a redhead. Maybe you let bullying get to you. Well I didn't. I've embraced my hair, skin pigment and freckles over my 19 years, and am a better, prouder person because of it. Your blog is just whiny and ill-tempered, just like you seem to be. Maybe you like being a redhead and are just experiencing more of your "inner turmoil". Either way, you make no sense. Maybe start a new blog. One that's more clear, classy, and less bitchy.
    Have a bright and sunny day! :)

  • P.s. Merida's eyes are blue.
    Look closer next time. :)

  • In reply to Rachel Whittier:

    Ooohhh, typical angsty ginja. Where is the ginger on ginger love? (Or should I say, daywalker on ginger?)

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