Weekly Redhead Roundup

Weekly Redhead Roundup

Hey Ginger (Philes), it's time for another weekly redhead roundup! In case you missed what happened in red hair news this week, read below:

1. StyleBlazer: Liya Kebede Covers Harper's Bazaar Spain Looking Hot in Fire Engine Red Hair! Ok, I have no idea who this is but what is with non-U.S. Harper's Bazaars sporting really fake looking redheads on their covers (most recently, Victoria Beckham on Harper's Bazaar China). Is there some sort of PR campaign out there for red hair dye? Did someone pay Harper's Bazaar? Is Harper's Bazaar the only magazine or perhaps the magazine to debut red hair? Hell, get me a modeling contract if that's the case.

2. InStyle: Jennifer Morrison's New Red Hair: Do You Like It? Yet another no-name celebrity dyed her hair red and suddenly became famous (even though it looks faker than Pam Anderson's well, you know). Yawn.

3. Crave Online: Talkin' Sex with Marie McCray Some porn "actress" I've also never heard of talks about being a redhead. For some reason, I'm oddly envious she's introduced as "porn's #1 redhead". I want to be the No. 1, always! I don't care what it's for. Anyway, a few interesting snippets: she says, "I would say that redheads are more feisty and you’re definitely gonna have a better sex life with one (laughs)," and, " get men who hit me up on Twitter all the time who say that they’ve always dreamed of having a redhead girl. It is a big fantasy for men!" See ginger philes, we know bout 'chu! It's almost as creepy as a foot fetish...

4. pjstar.com: Archie's empire now a batteground According to the article, "there's a big brouhaha at New York-based Archie Comic Publications, the company that has been bringing us the lovable redhead from Riverdale High School for over 70 years now." 'Nuff said.

5. The Province: Lindsay Lohan accused of second barfight The definition of redhead, Lindsay Lohan, doesn't change her ways despite changing her hair (back to red).

6. HomeTownAnnapolis.com: Teen of the Week: Key School senio welcomes any and all challenges Like being infected with gingervitis. Life is so much easier without a soul.

7. NWCN.com: Neighbor rescues boy who fell in Eagle canal Having gingervitis disease actually saves a boy's life. Sadly, not his soul.

8. stv: Will.i.am Spicing up his life with a little Ginger Ginger Spice and everything nice. Geri Halliwell probably thinks she can relate to Will.i.am's being black and the discrimination they both face. (Though she probably faces more. In the UK anyway.)

9. MTV UK: Christina Hendricks Reveals Red Hair Inspiration And it's Anne of Green Gables! Her mother didn't approve (at least that's how I understand the British slang -- please tell me if I'm wrong.) More reason to love Joan Holloway!

10. petside.com: Lost Ginger Cat Home with Two Broken Legs All I can say is awwww, poor ginger kitteh.

11. Ok! Magazine: Victoria Beckham joins the redhead celeb brigade, is red the new brunette? As if brunette is above red? I'm sorry, red is the new red. End of story.

12. Huffington Post: Hannah Adams, Middle School Student, Suspended For Red Hair The title says it all! Let's start a redheaded backlash and protest the school's rampant redism! Just cuz they don't want no gingas don't mean it's not legal.

That's all folks. What's your favorite redheaded story of the week? Did I miss anything?


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