Ugh, yet another redhead movie stereotype ... "Bad Teacher"

Ugh, yet another redhead movie stereotype ... "Bad Teacher"
Cameron Diaz & Lucy Punch star in "Bad Teacher"

My lovely new roommate got us a sweet package with several movie channels. So as I'm sitting here on a Friday night, eating General Tso's chicken by my lonesome, I am shocked to find a bad movie like "Bad Teacher" further perpetuates ginger stereotypes of us as cray-cray.

Cameron Diaz becomes rivals with a superstar teacher who happens to be a redhead (Lucy Rush). The redhead is cray-cray, calling her boyfriend (Justin Timberlake) all the time and bein hyper jealous. It reminds me of Amy Adams/Isla Fischer (I can never remember who is whom) in "Wedding Crashers", when she pretends to be a virgin but is also crazy.

The worst part is, in every picture I see on Google Images of Lucy Rush, she's always blonde. Clearly, they made Rush dye her hair red for the role. I get that there can't be two blondes in one one movie, and that Cameron Diaz had to be the hot, bad teacher blonde, but seriously? Red was a deliberate choice hereh, because it's not representative of the population. They could have gone with mousy brown, dark brown, black, heck even strawberry blonde, but no it hadddd to be red, just like evil Victoria in Twilight, and nearly every colored picture of Judas.

Anti-redists, letsa protest Hollywood!


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    Weak-ass post. You want all bad guys to not have a certain hair color. It doesn't matter what the color is -- it's a lame sentiment for any hair color.

  • In reply to ClintJCL:

    Name one blonde "bad guy/girl" in a movie/other work of art & I'll reconsider.

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    I was browsing google to find out which actress this was (Lucy Rush), when I saw this ignorance that I feel I need to help along...
    You're overplaying the 'I'm a redhead, I'm a victim angle. Are you really so self important that you think after this script was written the casting director decided at the last second 'Hold on! This character is crazy, so it wont work unless she has red hair!' You're severely up-playing something that is a mere coincidence.

    Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.
    Draco from Harry Potter.
    The android character Tricia Helfer plays in Battlestar Galactica.
    The T-1000 from Terminator 2.
    That little boy king from Game of Thrones.
    The Goblin King (David Bowie) from Labyrinth.
    I think just about every member of Cobra Kai in the original Karate Kid to include the sensei.
    Ellie Driver from Kill Bill.
    All the Indiana Jones Nazis (Almost all Nazi's in films are blonde, and most obviously a 'bad guy/girl'. RARELY a black haired Nazi)
    The guy who skins people in Silence of the Lambs.

    This is off the top of my head with no digging.
    Ready to reconsider, or shall I carry on?

    As a bonus I'll include redheaded protagonists held in a relatively positive light, to further debunk your claims. And I'll also include as many females as possible!

    The female protagonists: Titanic(Kate Winslet), Shrek (Cameron Diez; since we're including fake redheads, by you mentioning Lucy Rush), Brave (Kelly McDonald, Superbad (Emma Stone), The Fifth Element (Milla Jovovich), Spiderman (Kirsten Dunst).

    Want me to dig more? Or are you ready to reconsider, and concede that you argument is a looooong reach for sympathies by playing a pseudo-victim?
    No one hates red heads. You have two examples (and honestly, there are only a few others I can think of...), and the balance is highly in favor of painting redheads in a positive light. Don't be so sensitive, and enjoy your movies instead of looking for reasons to hate.

    Also, it's my personal opinion that in both the films you mentioned, the red heads played hilarious roles, and played them well. Not to mention they were the most attractive of anyone else on the cast.

  • Good examples. But it doesn't negate the fact that redheads throughout history have often been pictured as the bad guy, with the prime example being Judas often being depicted as a redhead. Not always, obviously, but often.

    Also, I have 4 examples, not 2.

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