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I can't believe this! I found this image on Pinterest of all the redheads in Disney movies! I had no idea it was so many! I've always complained that Ariel is the token redheaded Disney princess, and let's face it, she's a daywalker! Now I have so many more ideas for Halloween costumes...anyone want to be my Toy Story Woody (no pun intended)?

However, I'm not sure what movies half these images are from. Any ideas?

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  • So many exclamation points...

  • Right to left moving down:
    1.Cinderella! Obviously NOT a ginger.
    3.This has got to be Areil too. I'm thinking fan art?
    4.Please tell me when you find out. Looks cool.
    5.Cinderellas's ugly step sister. Drazella, I believe.
    6.Sluefoot Sue from Pecos Bill! Good one!
    7.Anita from 101 Dalmations(the old Disney blond looked a little strawberry. I'd say this is the same as the Cinderella false identification as a genuine ginger.
    8.Jenny from Oliver and Company.
    9.Jessie. *sigh* her and Ariel are our best known. At least Jess is tough!

    I could be wrong about #3, but I don't think so! And #4 must be identified! Bad-ass cartoon redheads are the best!

  • In reply to Gingerbelle:

    #3 is from Enchanted. she is the cartoon version of the character played by Amy Adams when she falls down the well and ends up in New York City

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    In reply to Gingerbelle:

    7. Actually it supposed to be brown. Her husband's hair is blond and looks much different.

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    In reply to Gingerbelle:

    you're actually wrong about number 5 it is actually Anastasia. Drazella is the one with the black hair.

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    In reply to Gingerbelle:

    2. Ariel (the little mermaid) 3. Gizelle (from enchanted) 4. (Brave). 5. Anastasia ( cinderella

  • #4 is Merida from the new Pixar film "Brave".

  • Thank you! I'm excited about Merida as she's one of the few who looks like a true ginger. Ariel is such a daywalker!

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    There are alot more actually, just not as popular.

  • In reply to Anna Briley:


  • Hello - this question isn't related to your topic:( but i want your help:) i came across this site yesterday and being and 18 year old ginger guy it had an effect.. i find that generally having red hair helps as i find it easy getting girls and getting noticed when going out. however, i do have insecurities that come and go about it. spesifically i hate it when i read on the web that 'gingers don't have souls'. so basically i would really like to know if this is all a well intened joke or if it is almost like a hate site? because i attack myself about these kinds of things often. so yea just wanted to know your oppinion on the sites intention and the whole soul thing. thanks:)

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    In reply to kalai:

    It's not an attack hun most are jealous and even dye their hair to be a ginger like you it's ment as a joke started by some one who was most likely jealous. Be proud. Think of all those blonde jokes out there. You shouldn't take offense hun. It is all in good fun.

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    The first one is Cinderella, but the picture has been tinted. The second one is Ariel, The Little Mermaid. The third one is Giselle from Enchanted. The fourth is Merida from Brave. The fifth is one of the step sisters from Cinderella, six is Slue-foot Sue from Pecos Bill. Seven is from 101 Dalmations, the eighth is Jenny from Oliver and Company and the ninth, of course, is from Toy Story 2.

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    1-Cinderella the version that came out in 1950 her hair was strawberryblonde
    6-sluefoot sue

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