Shouldn't a redhead have won "The Hunger Games"?

Shouldn't a redhead have won "The Hunger Games"?

Despite "The Hunger Games" being a mediocre book/movie at best, not to mention ripped off "Battle Royale", I see some serious inaccuracies in both forms of the story. Suzanne Collins proves to be redist and portrays gingers stereotypically.

First, there's Foxface. Foxface is unusually clever. Oddly, the actress cast in the movie does not have a face that looks like a fox at all but does have red hair. What's up with that? If "Foxface" immediately conjures an image of a round-faced redhead, then I'm offended. Also, is there even any significance to Katniss nicknaming the girl from District 7 (6?) as Foxface? Except maybe, because foxes are clever?

Second, the Avox girl from District 1. She's in the book and not in the movie. I get that she's portrayed as a positive character but she's still a traitor. With her tongue cut out. Only redheads can be portrayed this rebelliously, it seems.

Third, Katniss. Does she not have the typical spirit of a ginger? She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables in many a'way. Not to mention, wouldn't a redhead be most likely to win anyway? With our soulless capacity to kill and our fierceness and our cunning?

Anyway, I hate that media tends to portray redheads in this way. Remember Victoria from Twilight? Ron Weasley from Harry Potter? Pretty much any other redhead in a movie/book you can think of?

I promise you my copper locks you'll find rampant redism in the nearly all mainstream media.

Should we start a protest?



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  • HAHA! Dying laughing over here. "With our soulless capacity to kill and our fierceness and our cunning?"

    Why did they call her Foxface? When I think of a red animal, I think of a rooster.

  • They said she looked like a fox in the book! I'm pretty sure it was meant to illustrate her cleverness. I guess if they are calling all redheads clever, then I can take it as a slight compliment. Maybe she should have been called "RoosterFace", except then it lacks the alliteration.

  • I'm sorry, but not ALL redheads act EXACTLY the same. They don't ALL have the same personality or anything, they
    re UNIQUE. You're being a bit stereotypical here yourself. :/ Just saying. I mean we all hear the sterotype that a blondes are dumb. But that's not true! I'm blonde and I get some of the best grades in my class! So not ALL redheads are going to have "soulless capacity to kill" or "fierceness and cunning". That's just reality. But you do have a point, Collins was going overboard saying ALL avoxes are redheads. Nice article! :)

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