Sin in the Second City - Redheaded Whores

Sin in the Second City - Redheaded Whores
Sin in the Second City

Believe it or not, gingers can be intellectual and social people (despite my poop TMIs), and for me it's in the most nerdy way: belonging to a book club. Our club is currently reading "Sin in the Second City", a view of what Chicago's prostitution ring resembled at the dawn of the 20th century. Author Karen Abbott specifically zones in on the infamous Everleigh brothel, known for taking whores to a new level of class: educating them, treating them well, not enslaving them.

As it turns out, even in the early 1900s, despite what many say today about how the standard of beauty has changed, it really hasn't. The book touts that petite blondes were in high-demand, and "Oriental" women were also well-liked.

Interestingly, even back then redheads knew their place: they were were special people: either completely intolerated  or considered the desirable unicorn of the bunch. Abbott writes about a green-eyed redhead named Doll (it was a brothel-given nickname) who said, "'I've always found it fun being a redhead although I know gentlemen usually prefer blondes because blondes know what gentlemen prefer.'" Apparently she was also honest, not as catty as the other courtesans and she was a lesbian. It's nice to know she had positive attributes that differentiated her from the others.

Obviously, she, as a ginger, was in high enough demand and enough of a profit-maker to make it into the renowned Everleigh club. I find it fascinating, however, that she had her own clientele who singularly preferred her and her autumn locks, despite, supposedly, most men wanting blondes. Sounds like "Sin in the Second City" could take place in 2012!


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  • Today they're called gentlemen clubs.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That they are. Although, don't gentlemen clubs=strip clubs & not prostitution houses (although I am sure there's grey area)

  • I take the Fifth.

  • Ha!

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