Ginger Pro-Philes: Isla Fisher

Ginger Pro-Philes: Isla Fisher

“Wedding Crashers” is one of my favorite movies. Not only does it accurately portray redheads as cray-cray (see Isla Fisher pretending to be a virgin because she thinks that’s what guys like, when she’s secretly crazy kinky), but also the brunettes and blondes in it are just plain annoying (sorry Rachel McAdams fans).


Remember the “Michael Scott” who used to work in my office who I ran into on NYE? He once declared how hot she is, while about 15 of us were sitting in a room together. Work appropriate and flattering to redheads. See, I told you only the crays like redheads.


I hate to say it, but I keep confusing her with Amy Adams. However, Fisher starred in Scooby-Doo as Mary Jane, along with Sarah Michelle Gellar. According to Wikipedia, “She wore a blonde wig for portraying her role because Sarah Michelle Gellar was supposed to be the only redhead in the film.” Isn’t that weird?


What’s most awesome about her, however, is her comedic chops (so common for redheads but such a difficult market for beautiful women). She’s starred in black comedies, proving my theory that redheaded women have a connection to black people … we both feel special and “othered” in our own ways.


To prove the ginger philes are crazy theory, Fischer married Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”). Really, it doesn’t get much crazier than that. I will admit, I am slightly jealous as they seem like they’re a quirky but crazy-in-love, a little-left-of-the-center type of couple. I wish I had that. Who doesn’t? Unless you want to be Brad and Angelina. But I guess they have their own problems…


What do you think of Isla Fisher? Should I be embarrassed about confusing her with Amy Adams?


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  • A lot of people get those two actresses confused for some reason. I think Isla Fisher is the better comedic actress of the two. Amy is better with the more serious roles and playing the sweet girl type.

  • Well that makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. I see that too: Isla, being married to Sasha Baron Cohen and all, is funnier, while Amy, star of Disney movie Enchanted, is the romcom pick. The real question is: which one is hotter?

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    Which one is hotter? That's an easy decision for any hetero guy who saw Amy Adams in "Night at the Museum II". Best ASSets in hollywood.

  • See, that makes me kinda sad. Cuz I like to think the funny redheads are always hotter.

  • I was going stricly by physical attractiveness. When talking about overall sex appeal, I agree with you.

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