Who is the No. 1 Ginger Phile in Chicago?

My ex-boyfriend. I know I've said it before, and I sound like a whiny, boy-obsessed girl who believes that all happiness arises from romantic relationships, and it's true. That being said, I have to go off on a tangent. I just have to on here because my friends will think I'm a freak for still dwelling something that ended more than a year ago.

So here you go, loyal and new Ginger Philes readers. Here's my rant on what makes the ex-ginger phile a sick freak:

A week or two ago, I chanced upon his Facebook wall as is my daily routine (okay, so I'm a stalker...), only this time to wish him a happy birthday. Upon attempting to read between the lines of every "Happy birthday" wall post, I chanced upon one that included a SMILEY FACE. Now, a smiley face normally would not be a big deal except that a few weeks ago I was coaching my lesbian friend on asking a girl out and she kept adding more smiley faces to her texts to make them more flirtatious. So now I associate smiley faces with flirting.

Besides the smiley face, it looked like this girl only recently became Facebook friends with my ex -- a little too soon for a friendly smiley face made public for all of Facebookville to see. Not only that, but the girl's profile pic is this creepy wide-eyed stare where she's clearly attempting to show the world her soul through her "beautiful" eyes (someone wrote underneath the pic that her eyes were their favorite). I mention this only because I have very light and somewhat big blue eyes that I receive lots of compliments on; I am not trying to brag but rather to make a point. I don't put creepy wide-eyed, sans smiling pics on fb that look like I'm trying too hard. Ahem, anyway, point of this being we both have "pretty eyes" of the type only redheads can have.

Yes, she is a redhead. Like me, she has big blue eyes, red hair and a face that looks too innocent to belong to anyone older than 12. However, the worst part is not even that she looks like me, but that she has the same ambitions as me (writing) and maybe what is the worst, the absolute, utter worst, is her birthday. I can't quite tell for sure when her birthday is (either it's not on Facebook or that part of her Facebook is private) but I am absolutely positive it is within a few days of mine, if not on my actual birthday. I can't believe he's trying to date someone who is essentially me again, minus my hypersensitive and melodramatic personality ... damn creepy ginger-philes.

At least I can rest easy knowing Capricorns and Sagittaruis don't mix well so it probably won't work out. I just wish her luck in figuring that out sooner rather than later.

And now, I have to work on this current boyfriend of mine, who recently stated, "I wish I had slept with all the redheads in Chicago." Ew, gross, sick. No. 2 Ginger Philes in Chicago, methinks. Why can't any of us gingers just find someone who likes us for us and not for our hair color!? Thoughts?



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  • Hello - this question isn't related to your topic:( but i want your help:) i came across this site yesterday and being and 18 year old ginger guy it had an effect.. i find that generally having red hair helps as i find it easy getting girls and getting noticed when going out. however, i do have insecurities that come and go about it. spesifically i hate it when i read on the web that 'gingers don't have souls'. so basically i would really like to know if this is all a well intened joke or if it is almost like a hate site? because i attack myself about these kinds of things often. so yea just wanted to know your oppinion on the sites intention and the whole soul thing. thanks:)

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    The Ginger Phile has had the unfortunate disposition of being a ginger since birth. She has tried various medications to cure her gingervitis, including therapies such as tantrum-throwing. Her efforts have been to no avail. Instead, she is trying to write it out, via this blog. Unfortunately, she doesn't think it will bear a soul for her. The Ginger Phile is from the exotic land of Wisconsin, where she had daily inner turmoil over whether she was a ginger or a daywalker. So far, three of three votes say daywalker. She begs to differ, as someone recently told her they would want to be with her if they were biking at night because she is so pale.

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