I know it's Christmas but can we plz talk about Easter?

I know it's Christmas but can we plz talk about Easter?
Judas portrayed as a ginger

I'm not saying this because I'm one of those Christians who has to point out that Easter is more important to the Christian faith than Christmas but rather because I have to point out that the history of Easter in the Christian identity is more important to redheads than the history of Christmas.

And here's why:

Almost every depiction of The Last Supper includes a copper-headed Judas.

That's right my friends, highly respected Renaissance painters decided the one who betrayed the Son of God is best represented by a Carrottop. Now maybe this had something to do with the hatred of Vikings (see future entries on the origin of redheads) or the Irish or something but I don't really feel like doing the research on it right now as I am a bit hungover on well-done steak and Argentinian syrah, and I have a feeling I won't find anything worthwhile to share. (Update: While looking for a picture, I found this explanation. Fascinating.)

Redheads are notably portrayed as villains in other famous media, including Twilight. Victoria, the "evil" vampire is a terrifying threat to Bella Swan and Edward. But really, maybe she's just a misguided and misunderstood ginger who can't help that she doesn't have a soul. Or maybe, all gingers are really vampires since Edward believes they don't have souls either.

Anyway, Renaissance religious redism = woof. No redheads present in the Nativity scene because it's all happy and lacks the weight of human sorrow Easter ignites; I guess redheads cause pain.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Happy Hanukkah to all my ginger Jewcasians & Happy Festivus to everybody else. (I'm guessing most ginger(philes) don't celebrate Kwanzaa or anything else otherwise I  would have said something about it. Please alert me if you do.)

Are you offended Judas is portrayed as a redhead? Or do you think it's an accurate depiction? Do you think it's possible Jesus was a redhead or is that sacrilegious to even consider?


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