Ginger Pro-Philes: Emma Stone

Ginger Pro-Philes: Emma Stone

If you've been reading my blog and/or tweets, you probably know that I'm a terribly envious person and will likely land in the 7th circle of hell. That is why I have chosen to highlight Emma Stone as a famous ginger. My boyfriend has a crush on her, so clearly I have to learn everything about her and emanate her so he realizes he doesn't need Emma Stone when he can have me. (Also channeling: Bettie Page, his ex-girlfriend who looked like Bettie Page, Kat Dennings, the redheaded X-men chick, a bartender at Late Bar and a couple of porn stars...I can be all of them and more for him, right?)

Anyway, I first became aware of Emma Stone when she graced us as the lead in "Easy A". I liked her then because unlike all these other uptight Hollywood bitches, she has that down-to-earth alto voice. And she's oh so cynical and sarcastic. Both things I can relate to, right?

So can the boyfriend, apparently. Or at least,  these are things he likes in a girl. (Why else would he date me?) I'm not going to go through her whole life story because you can read that on Wikipedia. The two things that stand out to me about her [which I admit, I found out about on Wikipedia and not through doing real journalistic research (sorry journalism alma mater)] are a. her "husky voice" stems from her screaming too much as a baby (a very ginger thing to do as my nickname as a child included the words "Yellin'"), aka baby colic and b. SHE'S NOT A NATURAL REDHEAD.

With as much hatred as I have for dyed redheads who think they're all spicy and temperamental and wild and shit but never went through the hell that makes redheads what they are (See: Angry Ginger Kid: Gingers Do Have Souls!), I have to admit she pulls it off better than most.

The boyfriend, however, for wanting to eff a fake redhead born blonde, still loses major points with me.


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  • Hello - this question isn't related to your topic:( but i want your help:) i came across this site yesterday and being and 18 year old ginger guy it had an effect.. i find that generally having red hair helps as i find it easy getting girls and getting noticed when going out. however, i do have insecurities that come and go about it. spesifically i hate it when i read on the web that 'gingers don't have souls'. so basically i would really like to know if this is all a well intened joke or if it is almost like a hate site? because i attack myself about these kinds of things often. so yea just wanted to know your oppinion on the sites intention and the whole soul thing. thanks:)

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