Finally, a mascara for redheads

Finally, a mascara for redheads

Most adolescent females go through the emo phase, the goth phase, the preppy phase or the unfortunate slutty and/or druggie phases (though fortunate for their male counterparts & drug dealers). These phases often involved experimentation with make up. Emos and maybe goths painted on tears, preps touted Lipsmackers and if you were among the slutty, you wore gobs and gobs of raccoon eyed double black mascara. Some of us eventually figured out that these don’t work IRL, and some of us did not, and that is why you have MILFs.


As a redhead, I felt I could never successfully fit into any of these groups. Being a redhead means starting with something you can’t fix to fit in with the crowd; I was too unfixable and out-of-the-ordinary for the preps (especially having a frizzy Jew-fro in a land controlled by wispy-haired evangelical Christians). My hair and eyebrows were not dark enough for the emos and goths, and quite frankly, I looked too innocent and homely to skip lunch and hang out in the woods with the burnouts even though sometimes, I secretly wanted to.


I did, however, go through several make up phases, including the au natural, “I-have-long-eyelashes-but-they-are-invisible” phase the “my-blonde-friend-has-raccoon-eyes-and-gets-lots-of-male-attention-so-I-should-too-plus-the-Clinique-counter-girl-complimented-me-on-how-good-I-looked-in-the-black-mascara-she-recommended” phase and probably the most common, “everyone-recommends-light-brown-mascara-and-it’s-my-last-resort” phase. All these phases solicited various reactions from people including, “I bet dark mascara would look so pretty with your blue eyes!’; “Maybe you should try clear mascara”; and my favorite, “Why don’t you try light brown instead of black,” even though I was actually wearing light brown mascara.


After collecting criticisms from various blondes and brunettes who didn’t know better, I knew I needed a solution to appease everyone. I read in a magazine something about red mascara but after searching high and low through every Walmart, Target and Walgreens, I could not for the life of me find any. Blue mascara, sure. Purple, yes. But not red.


That’s when I turned online. I don’t remember exactly when or how I found out about it but I discovered a company that makes make up just for redheads: Just for Redheads. And they make various shades of mascara based on the type of redhead you are. I’ve tried a few different shades and ended up going with a darker shade than what was recommended to me. I’ve settled on their Studio Mascara GingerRed product. I can’t thank this company enough for helping me figure out how I can go to work and look presentable by wearing just enough make up: not too much (light brown mascara) or too little (clear or none).


I do have a few caveats, however. The mascara is quite clumpy and not as high quality as what you might buy at a department store counter, and for this reason, JFR’s make up is overpriced. It is especially overpriced when they have sales. I get an email about once a month in my inbox claiming JFR has a sale on this or that for $20, when I bought it a few months before for $12. Don’t buy into these sales, and don’t buy around holiday time (that’s when the “sale” prices are actually jacked up normal prices). I guess they’re following Kohl’s business model. Last, the only thing this company is really good for is the mascara and maybe some eyeliner. It sells all types of make up and will even provide a “personal consultation” on what make up will look best on you if you send a picture, but really, the blush, lipsticks, skin care products, sunscreen, minerals, etc. are things you can buy in the drugstore for cheaper – and with higher quality.


That being said, I am still going to continue to order the mascara that helps me fill my role in the only high school stereotype I naturally fit into: the ginger kids (thanks South Park for acknowledging us & creating a separatist movement). And I haven’t received any, “That doesn’t look good on you; you should try this instead” comments to-date. I’d say that’s success.


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