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"La Traviata" (Lyric Opera): 'What Joy!'

"La Traviata" (Lyric Opera):  'What Joy!'
The Lyric Opera of Chicago presents LA TRAVIATA. Alongside the extensive spectacle of Wagner’s Parsifal, the Lyric is simultaneously offering a Verdi classic. La Traviata is simply gorgeous. After navigating through the complexity of Wagner’s world, we are back to opera basics, a tragic love story. As much as Parsifal is about the musical pageantry, La Traviata is all about passionate singing. Seeing... Read more »

"Parsifal" (Lyric Opera): Electrifying Stunner!

"Parsifal" (Lyric Opera):  Electrifying Stunner!
A nearly five hour opera may frighten potential audience members away.  That would be a shame because Parsifal is electrifying!  It is described as a ‘festival music-drama‘ – not an opera.  This categorization fits, though the music is the lead in Parsifal.  Creating both the music and libretto, Richard Wagner masterfully weaves through his story with lengthy musical interludes.  The... Read more »

"The Second City Guide to Opera" (Lyric Opera): Distinctly Chicago

"The Second City Guide to Opera" (Lyric Opera): Distinctly Chicago
Lyric Opera of Chicago and The Second City combine forces to present The Second City Guide to the Opera. Upon arrival, it’s obvious that something is different. The usual bustling in the majestic Lyric foyer is missing.  Hints of pop music are trickling through the Aisle 5 entryway.  We follow the music into the vast, beautiful and unoccupied Ardis Krainik... Read more »

"A Streetcar Named Desire" (Lyric Opera): Perfect, Steamy, Hot Opera

"A Streetcar Named Desire" (Lyric Opera):  Perfect, Steamy, Hot Opera
Lyric Opera presents the Chicago premiere of A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche is a faded southern belle. She resonates old-fashion sophistication and a prudish nature. She is visiting her younger sister in New Orleans. Stella is happy to see her. The beer-drinking and poker-playing brother-in-law is not as welcoming. In a one bedroom apartment, Stanley resents Blanche... Read more »