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"This Is War" (Signal Ensemble Theatre): Startling Insider's Perspective

"This Is War" (Signal Ensemble Theatre):  Startling Insider's Perspective
The title says it all.  Playwright Hannah Moscovitch transports us to Afghanistan in 2008 and continually points at different scenarios and figuratively says, “this is war.”  The military examination is done as flashbacks from four different soldiers’ perspectives.  Moscovitch adds reflective narrations to connect the pieces as each person is interviewed by the media throughout the play. ... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up Porchlight, Signal, Goodman and Josh Salt

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book with guest host Oliver Sava review “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill” by Porchlight Theatre and “Successors” at Signal Ensemble Theatre. Our special guest is Josh Salt performing in Goodman Theatre’s “Teddy Ferrara.”  This March 1st episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten by The Alliance Shot word... Read more »

"Successors" (Signal Ensemble): 'August, Osage County' Starring the Daleys

"Successors" (Signal Ensemble):  'August, Osage County' Starring the Daleys
Signal Ensemble presents the world premiere of Successors.  Mayor DeKoven has announced his sudden retirement.  He is the third generation of DeKoven mayors.  The city is surprised.  His kids are shocked.  They wonder which of them will get his endorsement for mayor:  greedy partier Marty, the smart but uptight Patricia or adult delinquent Scott.    At a family... Read more »

Off Book Chats with Hypocrites, Signals and Much More!

Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book is reviewing exciting offerings at Profiles, Writers and Victory Gardens.  In addition, we chat with The Hypocrites’ new Artistic Director Halena Kays and Signal Ensemble’s co-Founder and co-Artistic Director Ronan Marra.  And of course, we have two new Got A Minute? segments from local playwrights.  Plus, don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2011 Honor Awards PARTY, February 28th, 8pm-10pm at The Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway.  Come... Read more »

Hounding God to Frost Nixon!

Theatre critics, hippies, and politicians:  something for everyone in new Chicago theatre productions this August 19th weekend: THURSDAY:  The Real Inspector Hound at Signal Ensemble SATURDAY:  Godspell at Provision Theatre SUNDAY:  Frost/Nixon at Timeline Theatre