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Review "Candida": Love Shawtime!

     ShawChicago presents      Candida    Written by George Bernard Shaw Directed by Robert Scogin at Ruth Page Theater, 1016 N. Dearborn (map) through November 8  |  tickets: $10-$22   |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh  Everyone loves the Morells but nobody wants to talk about it! ShawChicago presents Candida, George Bernard Shaw‘s play about... Read more »

Review "The Doctor's Dilemma": Same Healthcare Issues 1906 vs 2010

A timeless treatise on today’s healthcare debate?     ShawChicago presents   Doctor’s Dilemma   Written by George Bernard Shaw directed by Robert Scogin DCA Studio Theatre, 78 E. Washington (map) thru May 10th  |  tickets: $10-$22  | more info  By Katy Walsh Who to save? If allotted only enough serum to cure one patient,... Read more »