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"We Three Lizas" (About Face Theatre): Triple Diva Fix

"We Three Lizas" (About Face Theatre):  Triple Diva Fix
About Face Theatre presents the world premiere of WE THREE LIZAS.  The House of Conrad is in a design slump.  Conrad Ticklebottom is desperate.  His assistant Reggie comes to the rescue with a book of spells.  Reggie conjures up the Great Queen of Wishes.  Conrad seeks the trifecta for his three wishes: youth, wealth and... Read more »

"Crow" (Walkabout Theatre): Sher Rocks This Boat!

"Crow" (Walkabout Theatre): Sher Rocks This Boat!
#123.  My great aunt Meme use to talk to our dog.  And maybe more disturbing, she seemed to  hear a response.  These conversations always struck me as a little crazy.  I vowed never to grow up and have imaginary banter with nonhumans. But living alone changes everything. Sometimes, silence needs to be interrupted. Sometimes, hearing... Read more »

EXTENDED AGAIN Thru August 21st "THE HOMOSEXUALS" Are Unstoppable!

  Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 23rd Narrated by Joshua Volkers  About Face Theatre presents THE HOMOSEXUALS Reviewed by Katy Walsh There is an accepted belief that six degrees separates one person from any other person.  In the gay community, the linkage is considerably tighter and more intimate.  That... Read more »