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Off Book Chats Up Lookingglass, Mortar, The Hypocrites, Teatro Luna, Rivendell and more!

Chicago Theatre Off Book chats about three new theatre openings during the review round-up:  “Romeo Juliet” by The Hypocrites, “Living Large in a Mini Way” byTeatro Luna, and “Crooked” by Rivendell Theatre.  Next, we chat with Rachel Edwards Harvith, Ensemble member at Mortar Theatre  and Andrew White, Artistic Director at Lookingglass Theatre. And of course, we have two new “Got A Minute?” episodes. Plus, coming soon… Chicago Theatre... Read more »

"Romeo Juliet" (The Hypocrites): Full-Bodied Experience!

"Romeo Juliet" (The Hypocrites):  Full-Bodied Experience!
When someone invites me to their house, I expect to feel at home.  Give me something to drink.  Maybe something to eat. Ask me to take my shoes off but let me have the option of keeping them on.  Make me feel welcomed and loved.  And if a fight should breakout, ensure no one gets... Read more »

Seeing a lot of people this week: "Romeo & Juliet", "Helen", "Thieves" and "Candide"

Starting tonight, it’s days of guys, gals and thieves!  9.22.10    Romeo & Juliet at Chicago Shakespeare 9.23.10    A Brief History of Helen of Troy at Steep Theatre 9.26.10    Thieves like Us by House Theatre at Chopin Theatre 9.27.10    Candide at Goodman Theatre   Check back to read my impressions.