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"Cities of Light" (Piven Theatre Workshop): Cabaret or Vaudeville?

I have a healthy sense of humor.  I find much to laugh about in life.  The funny angle of any moment is always bubbling into my giggle zone…even at funerals or other sober events. In those moments, I’ve taught myself to suppress my natural urge to make a joke.  The selective censorship has come after... Read more »

Review "Late: A Cowboy Song": Ruhl Lassos the Moon!

Piven Theatre Workshop presents LATE:  A COWBOY SONGAt 927 Noyes Street, EvanstonWritten by Sarah RuhlDirected by Jessica ThebusThru August 29, 2010Buy TicketsRunning Time:  One hour and forty minutes includes a ten minute intermission. Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘Things have to get ugly before they get nice.’  ‘To get clear, push the skummy stuff to the... Read more »

Review "Number of People": Beck is #1 in this one man show

Piven Theatre Workshop presents:   Number of People Written and directed by Emilie Beck At Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St., Evanston Thru April 18th (more info) 8, 11, 6, Leo Gold is a numbers guy. His wife is an eight. His daughter is eleven. And his concentration camp bunkmate is a six. Piven... Read more »