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"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" (Bailiwick Chicago): Clever Bio-Musical Goes Cartoonish

"Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" (Bailiwick Chicago):  Clever Bio-Musical Goes Cartoonish
As we watch the bloody attacks of the current presidential campaign, it’s easy to wonder if there has always been a hateful race to become Commander-in-Chief.  In this day and age, how much of a role does the media play in the selection process?  What happened before the Internet connected personal failures and questionable dealings... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book Chats with Profiles Theatre, Writers Theatre and MORE!

It’s another round of Chicago Theatre Off Book on Chicago Independent Radio Project, CHIRP. This week, we review local theatre offerings for the holidays and at Chicago Shakes.  In addition, we’ll chat with Darrell W. Cox, Profiles Theatre and Michael Halberstam, Writers Theatre.  We’ve packed a lot in thirty-some minutes.  Listen up and let us know what... Read more »

"SALOME" (National Pastime Theater) A Cover-up at the Naked Art Festival

The phrase “Naked Art Festival” intrigued me.  Although I have seen nudity on stage, I’ve never experienced a theatrical spectacle committed to complete nakedness.  I still haven’t!  National Pastime Theater presents 2011 NAKED JULY:  ART STRIPPED DOWN, SALOME (more info).  The tagline is ‘purity: the unadulterated nature of nakedness.’  My expectation was a show where... Read more »