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"The Lake Effect" (Silk Road Rising): Surpising Depth and Humor in the Lake

"The Lake Effect" (Silk Road Rising):  Surpising Depth and Humor in the Lake
Silk Road Rising presents THE LAKE EFFECT, a play originally commissioned by Silk Road Rising and Crossroads Theatre (New Brunswick, New Jersey) with development support from the Lark Play Development Center (New York City). This guy walks into a restaurant.  The guy behind the counter says, ‘we’re closed.‘  The first guy, a gregarious man, continues... Read more »

"Equivocation" (Victory Gardens): Brilliant Wordplay!

"Equivocation" (Victory Gardens):  Brilliant Wordplay!
#189.  equivocate |iˈkwivəˌkāt| : use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself Victory Gardens presents the Chicago premiere of EQUIVOCATION.  The King has written a story about the Gunpowder Plot.  He wants Master Shagspeare to adapt the failed assassination attempt to stage.  Struggling to tell the story, Shag begins to investigate... Read more »

Review "The Arabian Nights": A Magic Carpet Ride

The Arabian NightsLookingglass TheatreChicago, IllinoisAugust 6, 2009 Get over that the main story of a story within a story within a story is… a story of a woman forced to tell stories at knife point for nearly three years and you will become victim to the enchantment of The Arabian Nights. The music, the lighting,... Read more »