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"Broadsword: A Heavy Metal Play" (The Gift Theatre): Goosebump-worthy

"Broadsword: A Heavy Metal Play" (The Gift Theatre):  Goosebump-worthy
The Gift Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of BROADSWORD:  A HEAVY METAL PLAY. Playwright Marco Ramirez, who also serves as executive story editor for “Orange is the New Black,” describes the play as a ‘little Agatha Christie and a little Stephen Adly Guirgis, as filtered through an episode of “The X-Files”.’  Ramirez perfectly describes his... Read more »

WANT (Steppenwolf Theatre): First Look!

Time Out Theatre Editor Kris Vire told me once that he always inserts into his hectic review schedule new companies and new shows.  Despite being in demand on the established theatre season circuit, Kris likes to be in the audience for inaugural productions.  He wants to see the next big thing when it launches… new actor, new... Read more »

"The Kid Thing" (About Face Theatre): Smart Script more than Baby Talk!

  Tick tock!  A thirty-something woman hears the escalating sounds of a stopwatch counting down her reproductive days.  Multiply this by four women in committed relationships, the deafening noise is a real cluster-clock!  About Face Theatre andChicago Dramatists present The Kid Thing.  Good friends gather for a casual dinner party.  They debate Michael Jackson’s merits as a parent.  What... Read more »