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"Good Thing" (Poor Theatre): Evocative Story Needs Tightening

"Good Thing" (Poor Theatre):  Evocative Story Needs Tightening
Poor Theatre presents GOOD THING. Playwright Jessica Goldberg tackles an evocative subject: drug addicts having babies. Goldberg approaches the topic with true grit. She never reduces it to Jerry Springer sensational. She keeps it real, focusing on the post high school life of four students and two teachers. Goldberg develops complex relationships between brothers, spouses, and unrequited... Read more »

"Five Flights" (Immediate Theatre): Grounded in Bittersweet Truths

‘I want to live a paler life.  One that is too bright attracts too much attention.‘  Life is all about choices.  We get to choose. What to believe. How to worship. Who not to love.     Immediate Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Five Flights.  Once upon a time, a husband built a bird sanctuary for... Read more »