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EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre): Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch

EXTENDED Thru Nov 23 "Motortown" (Steep Theatre):  Steep's Signature Move Kicked Up A Knotch
The hallmark of a Steep production is its ability to fuse the audience to emotion.  Steep chooses edgy stories.  The ensemble spirals into angst-driven turmoil.  The intimate theatre space forces an amalgamation of performer and audience.  There is no fourth wall.  It’s more like an invisible flimsy blanket.  A Steep audience feels what the character... Read more »

"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre): WTF?

"The Wheel" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  WTF?
Steppenwolf Theatre presents the American premiere of THE WHEEL. My initial reaction to this show was ‘I don’t know what to think.’ Undoubtedly, this is the biggest spectacle I’ve ever seen on Steppenwolf’s stage.  Director Tina Landau doesn’t just contain the action to the stage.  Landau rips out the backdrop and uses the backstage bowels. ... Read more »

"The Three Musketeers" (Lifeline Theatre): Not Quite What I Had Imagined

"The Three Musketeers" (Lifeline Theatre):  Not Quite What I Had Imagined
When Lifeline announced their 2012/2013 season last year, I was immediately excited.  Having seen the talented ensemble in multiple productions, I immediately pre-cast Chris Hainsworth (Athos) and Christopher M. Walsh – no relation (Porthos).  And I eagerly awaited to see the spectacular adventure created by Lifeline.  And even though I was right about casting Hainsworth... Read more »

"Big Love" (Strawdog Theatre): is Big Love!

"Big Love" (Strawdog Theatre):  is Big Love!
Strawdog Theatre Company presents BIG LOVE. The love starts immediately.  Walking into the theatre, I’m enchanted by the garlands hung all over the place (Scenic Designer Mike Mroch).  Strings of light bulbs are intermingled with the flowers.  A pianist is playing wedding tunes.  The mood is ripe for some good lovin.’   Cue the bride… Stacy... Read more »

After (Profiles Theatre): Martinez's Unforgettable Chicago Debut

After (Profiles Theatre):  Martinez's Unforgettable Chicago Debut
A lot happened from 1995-2012.  I can’t imagine having missed it.  Or can I? Profiles Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of AFTER.  The good news is DNA proved that Monty is innocent.  The bad news is the exoneration came 17 years late.  Monty went to prison at 17. And now at 34, he is free. ... Read more »

"The Jammer" (Pine Box Theatre): Clever Moves

"The Jammer" (Pine Box Theatre):  Clever Moves
If you can’t play nice, play Roller Derby. Just ask the  Chicago Windy City Rollers. #121.  Pine Box Theatre presents THE JAMMER.  It’s the 1950s.  Roller Derby is all the rage.  It’s drama on wheels as colorful personalities slam each other for the big win.  Jack is transfixed by the theatrics.  He idolizes Charlie Heartbreaker,... Read more »

"Cyrano" (The House Theatre of Chicago): Nose You'll Love It!

  ‘My enemies are coward, compromise and vanity.’  Why wouldn’t a guy reveal his romantic feelings to his gal pal? Could it be as plain as the nose on his face?  The House Theatre of Chicago presents an original adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Cyrano is the classic tale of a poet-swordsman and his big old schnoz.  Cyrano... Read more »

Review "Red Noses": Plagued with Humor!

    Strawdog Theatre presents    RED NOSES     Written by Peter Barnes Directed by Matt Hawkins at Strawdog Theatre, 3829 N. Broadway (map) through August 15th |  tickets: $15-$20  |  more info reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘It’s easy to find someone to share your life with. What about someone to share your death?’  Serious contemplations... Read more »

Review "A Streetcar Named Desire": Get A Ticket for a Captivating Ride!

Writers’ Theatre presentsA STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE At 325 Tudor Court in GlencoeWritten by Tennessee WilliamsDirected by David CromerThru August 15thBuy TicketsRunning time:  Three hours with two ten minute intermissions Reviewed by Katy Walsh ‘I don’t want realism.  I want magic!’  In this production, the audience gets both! Writers’ Theatre presents A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by... Read more »

Review "Cabaret": Slutty Bash with A Beat

The Hypocrites presentCABARET At DCA Theatre, 66 E. RandolphBook by Joe MasteroffLyrics by Fred EbbMusic by John KanderMusical direction by Mike PrzygodaDirected by Matt HawkinsThru May 23rdBuy TicketsRunning Time:  Two and a half hours with two ten minute intermissions. Reviewed by Katy Walsh What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music... Read more »