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EXTENDED Thru Nov 24th "The Killer Angels" (Lifeline Theatre): A Lifeline Achievement

EXTENDED Thru Nov 24th "The Killer Angels" (Lifeline Theatre):  A Lifeline Achievement
A textbook tells the facts.  A movie showcases the action.  This play embodies the true human struggle of the Civil War.  It’s like a reenactment, but instead of reliving glorified battlefield maneuvers, it focuses on the men making the historical decisions.  This insider’s perspective shows the conflict, the doubt, and the hope of a nation... Read more »

"Failure: A Love Story" (Victory Gardens): Enchanting Keepsake Timepiece

"Failure: A Love Story" (Victory Gardens):  Enchanting Keepsake Timepiece
This show is all about clock watching.  And it only took me five minutes to be completely smitten with the Fail family. Victory Gardens presents the World premiere of FAILURE:  A LOVE STORY.  Gertie, Jenny June and Nellie are the Fail sisters.  They live above the family clock shop on the Chicago River.  They each... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book Chats with Sideshow Theatre and Lyric Opera and much more!

It’s another round of Chicago Theatre Off Book on Chicago Independent Radio Project, CHIRP. This week, we review local theatre offerings that are kicking it up, blasting it off, and twanging it down. Later, we’ll chat with Sideshow Theatre and The Lyric Opera of Chicago about the excitement around their 2011/2012 Season. And of course, we’re featuring... Read more »

Review "HEDDATRON": Creative Chaotic Comedy!

Sideshow Theatre presents  HEDDATRON Reviewed by Katy Walsh  Hedda Gabler:  Ibsen’s writing it.  Jane’s living it.  Nugget’s reporting it.  Robots are performing it.  Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of HEDDATRON as part of the 2011 Steppenwolf Garage Repertory series.  Using documentary style film footage, HEDDATRON chronicles the recent robot led abduction of a woman. ... Read more »

Review "Theories of the Sun": The Men Bring The Heat

    Sideshow Theatre presents    Theories of the Sun     Written by Kathleen Akerley Directed by Jonathan L. Green and Megan A. Smith at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont (map) through October 3rd  |  tickets: $15- $20  |  more info Reviewed by Katy Walsh Where does Death take a holiday? Apparently, a remote hotel in... Read more »