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"My Kind of Town" (TimeLine Theatre): One Show that Won't Let You Down

"My Kind of Town" (TimeLine Theatre):  One Show that Won't Let You Down
#109. Chicago = the C-word. Capone, crime, corruption.  The Windy City is known for big blustering windbags. We are the city selling the end results by questionable methods.  Political, judicial, criminal, multiple realms of our hometown have gotten a reputation for getting what we want through whatever means available.  Chicago is, The Wrigley Building. Chicago... Read more »

"Seasons Greetings" (Northlight Theatre): Guns, Puppets, Booze... Just Another Family X-Mas!

Christmas is about family!  People, with maybe no more in common than shared DNA, gathering together in celebration.  Dates, divorces, deaths and births constantly redefine the guest list, but forced relational interface is a certainty.  When my aunt got divorced in the seventies, my mom knew Mary Catherine’s first holiday would be hard. To distract... Read more »

"The Shadow of a Gunman" (Seanachai Theatre Company): Harmless Pretend Turns Deadly Reality

Writers pretending to be someone else to impress a potential love interest.  There should *never* be a law against that.  Seanachai Theatre Company presents The Shadow of a Gunman.  In 1920, a poet moves into a Dublin tenement.  He is mistaken for an Irish Republican.  Unlike the American faction, these republicans are the liberal rogues.  Four years earlier,... Read more »