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"Coriolanus" (The Hypocrites): WARNING: Show Attacks with Brutal Force

"Coriolanus" (The Hypocrites):  WARNING:  Show Attacks with Brutal Force
The Hypocrites presents Coriolanus.  The world is at war.  Territories are gained and lost by the sword.  Men are fighting for power and honor.  Coriolanus returns home the conquering hero.  His battles were epic. His missions were practically suicidal.  His wounds are fresh.  He did it all for love!  His love of country made him... Read more »

"Romeo Juliet" (The Hypocrites): Full-Bodied Experience!

"Romeo Juliet" (The Hypocrites):  Full-Bodied Experience!
When someone invites me to their house, I expect to feel at home.  Give me something to drink.  Maybe something to eat. Ask me to take my shoes off but let me have the option of keeping them on.  Make me feel welcomed and loved.  And if a fight should breakout, ensure no one gets... Read more »