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"Princes of Waco" (Signal Ensemble Theatre): Compelling Performances, Convoluted Script

"Princes of Waco" (Signal Ensemble Theatre):  Compelling Performances, Convoluted Script
I remember Author Flannery O’Connor from my high school English assignments.  She had a propensity to write about characters that had a dark side.  Unsettlingly but subtlety cruel.  I think it stays with me 30+ years later because before that I believed a good man wasn’t hard to find. Signal Ensemble Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Princes of... Read more »

"Devour" (20% Theatre Company): Couture Killer, is she or isn't she?

Kim and her Kardashian sisters. Paris and Nicki Hilton.  Ivanka Trump.  People magazine has snapshots of them. TMZ keeps tabs on them.   The world watches these gals have drinks, affairs, and breakdowns.  These ladies are all famous!  Not for their contributions to the betterment of humankind but because they’re rich or – more importantly –... Read more »

"Tammy: Coming of Age..." (Corn Productions): LMAO!

#46.  I look back on my youth with relief.  I survived it.  Everything is a big deal.  Nothing is easy.  Someone is always judging… peers, teachers, parents.  There is no escaping the public and personal scrutiny.  Being a kid sucks.  And to kick the misery up a notch, puberty arrives to make life more out... Read more »