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"Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed" (Lifeline Theatre): Perfect Fit!

#63.  Lifeline Theatre Kidseries presents a world premiere musical adaptation of Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.  Wilbur is a naked mole rat.  *Naked* is in his blood and on his species‘ name.  His community embraces nudity.  It’s a *clothes off* world.  When Wilbur acquires a fondness for dressing up, his school shuns him.  Not only... Read more »

"How to Survive a Fairytale" (Lifeline Theatre): Fantasy Bootcamp!

"How to Survive a Fairytale" (Lifeline Theatre):  Fantasy Bootcamp!
#3. The new television shows, “Grimm” and “Once,” have stirred up my fairytale memories.  These series, very different in nature, have gotten me remembering the details of childhood stories.  Kids playing in the forest.  Fathers remarrying.  Talking animals.  Where’s the danger?  Today’s kids may be desensitized to violence from exposure to movies and video games. ... Read more »