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"Beaten" (The Artistic Home): American Masterpiece Debut

"Beaten" (The Artistic Home):  American Masterpiece Debut
The Artistic Home presents the World Premiere of BEATEN. Playwright Scott Woldman debuts a compelling triple generational tale.  Woldman tells the story of the impact of domestic violence on three women in one household.  We see these women’s lives unravel into a pile of tangled knots.  Their relationships with men and to each other are... Read more »

Off Book Chats Up "The Book of Mormon", Raven Theatre and More!

Off Book Chats Up "The Book of Mormon", Raven Theatre and More!
Today, Chicago Theatre Off Book reviews “The Book of Mormon“ by  Broadway in Chicago and “Boy Gets Girl” at Raven Theatre.  Our special guest is Kristin Collins, Managing Director at The Artistic Home and starring in “Boy Gets Girl” at Raven Theatre.  This February 1, 2013 episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten by The Alliance                                                                                                   Shot word of the day: friendsJoin us on March 24th, 2pm-5pm, at Marty’s Martini Bar for our fundraiser. No admission costs!  Come and drink martinis (or any beverage) and... Read more »

"Boy Gets Girl" (Raven Theatre): Terrifyingly Excellent!

"Boy Gets Girl" (Raven Theatre):  Terrifyingly Excellent!
Raven Theatre presents BOY GETS GIRL.  Theresa goes on a blind date with Tony.  She’s just not that in to him.  So, after a second date, she tells him that she doesn’t want to go out with him.  He won’t accept that it’s over before it begins.  He starts to try to woo her with... Read more »

Review "MARISOL": Apocalyptic with a Sense of Humor

Audio Podcast at ITUNES  Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of June 23rd  Narrated by Joshua Volkers   The Artistic Home presents MARISOL Reviewed by Katy Walsh Credit card users are tortured for maxing out.  Commuters are beaten with golf clubs.  And perhaps worst of all, coffee is extinct.  Welcome to the Bronx in the Millennium!... Read more »